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Scandal! / Furry abandons fox for pussy
« on: February 28, 2015, 09:54:55 am »
Foxalbiazul is a furry, living in Arkansas, who has owned a pet red fox called RonRon for the past 6+ years (having gotten him when he was a cub). He has uploaded dozens of videos of RonRon on youtube, several of which have millions of views (one has 11.6 million: and nearly all of them have tens of thousands of views. He describes himself as the "Daddy of RonRon", has commissioned pictures of his fursona with RonRon:

and even got a song from from a furry musician in honour of RonRon. Despite all this, Foxalbiazul has now stated that he is abandoning RonRon, because he lost his job in Arkansas and now feels he has nothing tying himself down there, so the time is right for him to move in with his internet girlfriend (a furry called MayoChan) in Tennessee:

Foxalbiazul says that he owns the house RonRon is kept at and he will have his neighbours and Grandparents come over to look after the fox. That prompted some concern, to which Foxalbiazul and his GF have responded with snippy condescension:

Quote from: Foxalbiazul
Not asking for anyone to agree with me, nor was I asking for anyone's opinion. You will be happier yourself if you only concern yourself about your own life, and not judging others' though you have been polite

Quote from: Foxalbiazul
Please refrain from offering your unsolicited opinion on my posts in the future

His GF demanded that people stop commenting about RonRon and airily declared that:

Quote from: MayoChan
We are thinking of ways for the future to bring the two together

However, as Foxalbiazul presumably already knew and admitted on Twitter it's illegal for him to have RonRon in Tennessee and there will not be room anyway:

Quote from: Foxalbiazul
no room for him there, and it's illegal to import foxes into TN :(

Apparently it's illegal to keep (as well as to import) red foxes in Tennessee so he will never be able to bring RonRon there.

I noticed from looking through Foxalbiazul's FA gallery that it's full of pictures of RonRon, but after Foxalbiazul got a fursuit suddenly his gallery is mostly pictures of his fursuit. Perhaps he got RonRon for furry status and attention and now the suit fills that need, so he felt free to drop the fox in favour of quenching his thirst. I suppose losing the job might have been a shock too, but all in all in still seems remarkable to me that he'd have invested so much into the fox aforetime and now just drop him.

I was also struck by the casualness and childish language Foxalbiazul used to describe his abandonment of the fox, from his FA journal: I will miss RonRon and my grandparents very much, but I love Mayo more, and want to be her forever-fox!. In addition, Foxalbiazul states right on the top of on his FA profile that A pet fox is not for everybody; it is difficult and a challenging adventure that requires sacrifice on your part (and your stuff!) :

Evidently that sacrifice was not for him. And, with sad irony, that song I mentioned he had from a musician was called "RonRon forever more".

A pertinent post from


I see Albi every week in #pawpet and all my respect for him is gone

Like, this wasn't even a hard decision for him. He literally just says "but I love Mayo more" and kicks his fox to the curb.

Ronron won't make it. There's no way. He spent years getting that fox to bond with him, and to date, there is one other person he doesn't run and hide from. His family will try and keep that fox alive, but that's all they can do. That fox is going to spend the rest of his life completely alone.

At least he already commissioned the tribute video music for when ronron dies of exposure/malnourishment (one month ago, back when he gave a shit)

Another one which, if true, would put a curious spin on this whole thing:

Wait what the fuck

Albi literally had this huge clusterfuck happen when he came out to his family and church about being gay. The journal's gone (if there ever was one), but I remember him saying something like the church said he could stay, but he lost his position as some sort of guidance dude, and basically everyone was disgusted with him so he chose to leave the church altogether

So I guess he got it hammered into him that he fucked up by being a fag and now he's doing a 180?

Foxalbiazul has now set out on his journey and posted a picture, on twitter, of his car loaded up:


The original post is here:

It's quite long, so I've only quoted select parts of it here. The TL:DR is that Shane Alexander, a participant in the furry subculture since 1999, alleges that he was raped by Kamo (the owner of Bad Dragon) while passed out Drunk. He also alleges that Kamo tried to rape a puppy and is a calculating and manipulative sexual predator . He has filed a police report about the matter and urges other people to come forward. A comment on the Journal, by an anonymous person who said he lived with Kamo for a time, made further allegations of Kamo being a sexual predator.

Quote from: Shane Alexander
If you do not know of me my name is Shane and I have been in the fur fandom since 1999.
Ive been known as a few different characters over the years starting with Traygurr the Horse from 1999-2005 and Pokeypony from 2005-2013. After my Change in 2013 I just started to go by my irl name because I am out with my family and friends about everything and as a 36 year old gay man im simply just over hiding behind masks and fursonas.


One of my own sexual assault experiences that im hear to address was from an ex boyfriend some years back,most of you may know him now or one of his many aliases,fursonas or Pup handler/alpha pup role...
He was born as Eric Silveiro and had a legal name changed as Kamo Two Paws.
He is also going by other aliases such as Duke the Bad Dragon(Twitter)Kamo Wolf,K2P,Kobel the Husky, Chico the Rottwieler,KamoDraggy,KamoMutt,Mutt,Moonshine Mutt,Muttpaws,Knottydog and im sure some other names or suits im unaware of so please feel free to add if you know anymore.
He is also the Head of Bad Dragon next to Varka and im told he owns 51% controlling shares of the company as of recently.

After knowing him all these years ive watched him systematically pray on many people both male and female,including minors,and stepping far outside the rhelm of zoophilia or whats generally accepted withen the zoofur community and into the rhelm of bestiality forcing dogs into sex acts,including my own german shepherd when he was a puppy before I found out,freaked out and stopped it.


the last sexual encounter I had with him was not consensual,he took advantage of me in a completely passed out drunken state while HE was completely sober and he used NO condom when he did it and I only woke up briefly while he was finishing inside of me laughing about it.
I even got sick the next day and thought I had an STD or something which turned out to be a infection in my colon from what the doctor could only guess was whatever he used for lube or just plain being unsanitary or an allergic reaction to his semen.
When I confronted him about it again and told him I was sick,he laughed some more and then bragged to other people about it.
We got in a huge fight and I was really upset,but I was living with him at the time just getting there from another situation that was also bad and had no other place to go.

But I definitely did NOT want it,or him and it was NOT in any way consensual.
I was stuck,I was broke,I was addicted to pain meds and booze and I had no self worth or self esteem....I told several of my friends about it,and his mate at the time also knew about it and there is no lack of my personal friends in the past years that haven't heard about this incident.

Unfortunately its stuff like this and alot more that happens alot in the fandom now,its happens at cons and gatherings and parties or anywhere else,its just usually never initially called rape or sexual assault,its called drunken yiff,or sometimes a guise of some sort of bdsm or domination act,or many times strait up date rape...or some sort of room or ride share situation..but the fact remains if you were sleeping or shitfaced and especially when that person was not shitfaced with you then,its rape......if you didn't consent in any way shape or form and that person did something to you sexually that you didn't want under sober circumstances,then thats rape.
If you were a minor at a con or anywhere else and an older person had sex with you knowing your age,they are most likely doing it over and over to other teenagers,and odds are,especially if your several years older now you know you were used,you know you were manipulated,and you need to report them.
People that do stuff like this don't ever stop until they are stopped by someone standing up to them and they go to jail....and people like that deserve jail,you can not allow yourself to feel sorry for them.

As of now I have *finally* filed a police report on my own for sexual assault,and urge anyone else with information on him OR ANYONE ELSE no matter how popular or prestigious their reputation in furry is.


In many states,and countries including Arizona where I and he reside there are no statute of limitations on rape or sexual assault.
The downside is rape and sexual assault cases are very hard to prove,especially when they happen years prior,but don't let that discourage you....there is strength in numbers and and he cant call us all crazy,or talk his way out of all of it....there is definitely plenty of us to stand and make a difference and the contracts he made you sign if you are one of those employees or visitors that signed one will NOT hold up in court against issues pertaining to rape,sexual assault or sexual harassment.
I will also quietly help you find whatever help you need even if you do not wish to come forward now but need the help or just somebody to talk to about it.

Ive been told so many stories,about so many ppl over the years,and much of it I know is true and also have these experiences of my own that have happened.

There are people who will automatically jump to crucify me over all of this,or call me a hypocrite,or just label me as a psycho,jealous ex boyfriend hell bent on drama and revenge posting all of this,but it has to be has to stop.

Dumping his personal info publicly is relevant because he uses these identities and fursonas and costumes and the prestige of running Bad Dragon to lure his victims,some being employees who are all forced to signing multitudes of no disclosure agreements and other garbage his attorney cooks up,all the while he picks up unsuspecting younger guys and girls with charm,manipulation,fairy tales,his spiffy title at Bad dragon and/or his many sports cars like his bright red Ferrari,fursuits,or Pup gear.

He is super intelligent,super calculated, cunning and completely bulldozed over every other person that actually created Bad Dragon from the or stands in his way for something he wants,and can talk his way in or out of any situation as he pleases because nobody stops him and he is one of the best manipulators Ive ever seen.

Many times over the years and before we even met in person he lied to me about most of his life,job skills and experiences....I never knew he even lied till I found out stuff from his family....and When confronted with a lie or shitty thing hes done he always denies it first and then when proven he lied he just says he dosent remember and makes excuses usually turning it around on you somehow and making himself the victim.


I cant let myself care about him anymore or allow myself back into his web of lies and shit,always pretending to try and make things up to me,or pretending to try and help me and work it out just to keep me silent while he continues on being a monster.
I don't care about my own dirty laundry or being outed as a former zoo or spending time in jail,or any of my multiple issues from the past or present.

A comment:

Quote from: KamoIsScum
Having lived with Eric, Kamo, or whatever he tells people to call him, I can agree that he's a very manipulative person and a poor excuse of a sociopath. There's plenty about him that's rotten to the core, especially using techniques like learned hopelessness and intimidation to have people do his bidding.
I can say while living with him, it felt like sex was a forced thing and if you were to deny him, there would be severe consequences. Having just left the military from active duty and not knowing anyone, it felt like there were no other options. Even worse when he tried to get a dog, that belonged to another person, who he trained to fuck him, involved, but failed.
During the time living with him, he's made the statement that he's had no problems with minors and that "they know what they want." Even with bad dragon, he had plans to mimic how things ran and make a company in Colorado, but I suppose blackmailing and taking over from inside the company was easier. Even after Athus died, he tried to push the company out to Colorado. Only recently did I learn that there's a large community of people into bestiality there.
The problem here is that this is a control freak with a poor sense of understanding for others.
I've heard that he's been trying to work his way into the BDSM community and pup community, claiming to be an expert in the art. This is shocking considering he was a terrible top and having no experience when it comes to BDSM. I wouldn't be shocked if he's hurt someone and make it seem like it was their fault.

Even worse, I've heard he may have STDs and barebacks without telling the bottom. This is all from word of mouth, but I wouldn't put it past him to do so and then make it seem like it's the random fling's fault.
Honestly, people like him will continue to use others until their last breath. I have no problems with Bad Dragon, but I really wish Varka and Narse would grow some balls and get rid of him if that even an option. It's sad to know they can't even talk with people they know due to forced contracts. But, this is just another example of why you don't trust someone who can't even understand the very basic parts of code of ethics.

It's a shame Athus died and not Kamo.

A furry by the netname of uglylilmonster alleges that one with the netname of oceanotter raped her. She has made these allegations at length on tumblr, twitter and on Weasyl journals.  As far as I know she has not reported this matter to the police. Matters like this always seem to be, or have the potential to be very divisive.

It seems that her linking directly to her tumblr, in her journals on weasyl and naming oceanotter, was against weasyl rules about call outs and she was asked to delete the portions of her journal linking directly to her tumblr, however she was allowed to tell people to go and look at it, and the journal is still up:

This matter has perhaps upset at least one member of staff since a thread was made on containing a link to a pastebin with what presumably is a leaked log from a Weasyl staff only chatroom (IRC channel?):

It seems to me that a key thing from the log is this:

14:44:25 <term> we're an art gallery website, not the sex offender registry.

A member of weasyl staff in the log mentions that Oceanotter is looking into legal stuff so they intended to keep this matter secret:

15:04:50 <pinardilla> I recall the other party in this filing a ticket on her submission that mentioned legal action - is that something we may want to note to help emphasize the difficult position we're in, or is that best kept secret?
15:05:37 <Ikani> I think that should probably be kept secret in both directions

I've copy and pasted it here. For reference, all the people appearing on the log are members of Weasyl staff, you can verify that here:

If anyone vanishes from the staff page over the next few days it could be because they leaked.

14:36:15 <Taw> oh boy
14:36:15 <Wesley>  Twitter  @sigilgoat: Oh no Weasyl, please do not protect rapists please do not punish rape survivors for speaking out
14:38:52 <Matt> yeah, what is going on
14:38:52 <Wesley>  Twitter  @AnnaHyena: Weasyl essentially protecting a rapist and silencing a rape victim. Neat.
14:39:21 <Taw> cause y'know, it's not like we don't allow call outs of any kind, regardless of the reason
14:39:53 <Ikani> or that we offered to let them make it just slightly less calloutish
14:40:51 <Taw> idk why people seem to think that certain things should be allowed even if it's against the rules, just because of a certain subject it touches on. Rules are rules. <.<
14:41:17 <term> but taw, their case is special.
14:41:18 <pinardilla> is it the one from a couple months ago that didn't name names, or a different one
14:41:43 <SkylerBunny> Just to play devil's advocate, then why do we allow the Dragoneer journals on Calypso? They're roughly as substantiated and suggest he's embezzeling money.
14:42:07 <Ikani> this one isn't naming names, but they're linking directly to where they are naming names
14:42:30 <Ikani> SkylerBunny: We've had some minor updates for Calypso to make, but there is that
14:42:48 <SkylerBunny> Well, maybe our further responses to this person should be more along those lines.
14:42:56 <SkylerBunny> "If you would be willing to change X to Y, we can let it stand."
14:43:01 <Ikani> we did
14:43:05 <Taw> they refused
14:43:05 <term> that's what I already did.
14:43:06 <Ikani> they responded with "no"
14:43:30 <term> I said you have two options: either edit the journal to remove the links or remove it in 48 hours.
14:43:44 <term> and they responded, as Taw said, with the one word answer "no"
14:43:44 <Ikani> (worded nicer of course)
14:43:55 <Ikani> er, yours was, that is
14:44:01 <term> yes of course.
14:44:09 <Fiz> weasyl isnt the place for this crap
14:44:13 <Fiz> how dare we have rules
14:44:25 <term> we're an art gallery website, not the sex offender registry.
14:44:44 <pinardilla> perhaps we should get on top of this and note what we did offer before removing it
14:45:11 <SkylerBunny> (Also make sure that whatever you reply with has these points in it, because you know they'll immediately repost it to Tumblr anyway. Just assume you're talking to the world.)
14:45:26 <term> yes we're aware.
14:46:00 <Fiz> "this isn't even going into them fucking with my rape comic submission" wait waht
14:46:13 <SkylerBunny> Fay asked the same thing, Fiz.
14:46:15 <term>
14:46:15 <Wesley>  Page title  Paste #FOg4DgBh4WdHPWiJDDZq at spacepaste
14:46:27 <term> this is the response we're planning on going with.
14:46:31 <Fiz> oh it got rerated
14:46:31 <Wesley>  Page title  Weasyl
14:46:34 <Fiz> 'fucked with'
14:47:14 <Fiz> term, that looks good
14:47:26 <term> thanks to Fay for that.
14:47:39 <SkylerBunny> One possible suggest: 'If you are willing, we would like to'.
14:48:01 <SkylerBunny> (Just to think on it. Makes it more of a positive reachout on our part.)
14:48:06 <pinardilla> looking at the removed submission, the description says "If you want to know who my rapist is, you can check out my tumblr or twitter.
14:48:06 <pinardilla> I can't directly link you to anything or it might be considered a call-out post."
14:48:17 <pinardilla> is that what we're considering a link, or did it get changed?
14:48:38 <Ikani> pina: that part is actually fine to have in
14:48:46 <pinardilla> where's the link then
14:48:51 <Ikani> the link is on the journal
14:49:10 <pinardilla> oh, there's another part to this?
14:49:21 <Fiz> its this
14:49:21 <Wesley>  Page title  Warning to anyone attending MFF - please read — Weasyl
14:49:22 <term>
14:49:22 <Wesley>  Page title  Warning to anyone attending MFF - please read — Weasyl
14:49:33 <term> this is what this is all about pina.
14:49:34 <Fiz> therse three direct links
14:49:54 <Fiz> honestly if she jsut changed it to "if you want more information, please go to my tumblr" without making it a direct link to it all
14:50:07 <Ikani> yup that would be fine
14:50:18 <Ikani> even saying "in my faq" is perfectly fine
14:50:23 <Fiz> yeah
14:51:06 <Fiz> like shit we let that person keep that journal up where they were calling me a pedophile as long as they editted it to not have a direct link
14:51:07 <SkylerBunny> Maybe we should be more explicit about that. Term's first response isn't quite that direct.
14:51:12 <term> the fact that its a direct link we can't really excuse. if it was just, "go to my tumblr" then whatever, that requires a bit more snooping on someone's part then "click here to see my rapist"
14:51:20 <SkylerBunny> 'If you wish to say 'If you want to find out X and Y about the person, go see my Tumblr or Twitter.'
14:51:23 <Ikani> Term, I'm tempted to say don't pull the journal yet, and in the response something like "We're only asking you to remove the links themselves, not any of the text."
14:51:34 <Fiz> yeah maybe we need to spell it out for them
14:51:39 <SkylerBunny> And this: perfectly acceptable. "..."
14:51:42 <pinardilla> alright, I remembered the submission and I thought that's what got pulled, which I would have had a problem with
14:51:47 <pinardilla> but I can see why the journal needs to go
14:51:48 <SkylerBunny> Spell it out for them, yes, exactly.
14:52:06 <Fiz> the submission didnt get removed, they said it got "fucked with" for being bumped to moderate
14:52:11 <Fiz> which is like...ok
14:52:19 <Ikani> the journal doesn't even need to go, it just needs to not have that text be clickable
14:52:42 <term> the only reason we'd remove it is for outright refusal to do anything on their part.
14:52:49 <pinardilla> since this is becoming a public thing, though, we should maybe dedicate some space in our response to acknowledging that this is a difficult issue and we understand their frustratin
14:52:56 <pinardilla> frustration*
14:53:04 <Fiz> yeah
14:53:07 <Ikani> agreed
14:53:12 <SkylerBunny> Probably. And also, as I say, even if it means 'If you say these words, we will gladly let the journal stand.'
14:53:39 <SkylerBunny> 'If you want blah blah blah check out my Twitter or Tumblr sites.'
14:54:15 <SkylerBunny> The way she's seeing it, and I kind of get it, is 'You can't say it your way or it'll be removed. We didn't give an explicit counteroffer ending with 'And with that, you can leave it up.'
14:54:58 <term> as far as I'm concerned about pulling the journal they still have a 48 hour deadline. so yeah if we want to keep trying to get them to understand then great.
14:55:10 <term> I'll get another response ready.
14:55:14 <SkylerBunny> Kind of like with Calypso when we said 'Look, you can leave this journal up, but sentence X has to go.'
14:55:23 <Fiz> yeah
14:55:27 <Ikani> term: yeah agreed on that
14:55:52 <Ikani> offer them the clarification, but in the background the journal still goes if they refuse
14:56:04 <Fiz> basically have to say "direct links to the info is something we can't have, indirect links or saying 'check out x page for more info"
14:56:37 <SkylerBunny> Indirect links (like to your Tumblr, but not the absolute post in question), or a general statement of sites on which you can be found, where the information is, is okay.'
14:58:02 <Fay> like we did though
14:58:22 <Fay> she could keep all the info, literally just removing the direct link
14:59:03 <SkylerBunny> I've read Term's response. It doesn't say that. It says 'You can't do this', and the mitigation is too general for a person to necessarily understand what's meant.
14:59:22 <SkylerBunny> Spell it out with exact quotes and sentences, ending with 'We will happily let this journal remain if you do this.'
14:59:30 <Fay> hmm
14:59:49 <Ikani> I'm agreeing with Skyler here
14:59:49 <SkylerBunny> Say THIS. : 'Exact quote provided.'
15:00:55 <Fay> lemme write something up.
15:01:02 <pinardilla> "While we support your free expression of your experience as a rape survivor, we cannot open ourselves to liability by permitting an accusation or a direct link to such an accusation to remain on our site.  If you instead simply stated 'Please see my Tumblr for the details' in lieu of a direct link, this would be sufficient to shield us from this liability."
15:01:04 <term> I'm working on it Fay
15:02:59 <Ikani> "shield us from liability while still allowing your experience to be shared."
15:03:05 <Ikani> or something like that
15:03:58 <SkylerBunny> I still think "and then we will happily allow this journal to stand" really wants to be in this response. Absolutely clear that our primary interest is NOT in removing the journal.
15:04:50 <pinardilla> I recall the other party in this filing a ticket on her submission that mentioned legal action - is that something we may want to note to help emphasize the difficult position we're in, or is that best kept secret?
15:05:37 <Ikani> I think that should probably be kept secret in both directions
15:05:54 <SkylerBunny> ...if it was filed as a ticket, right, I was going to say, I think there's an expectation of privacy. But we don't really have to go there.
15:06:17 <pinardilla> yeah, I figured as much :\ thought it was worth considering tho
15:06:25 <Ikani> yeah
15:07:51 <Taw> was afk to make/eat dinner, back now
15:08:29 <pinardilla> wb
15:08:51 <Ikani> on a personal note, I at one point saw some statistics on false rape accusations. The numbers are pretty insanely low. If we didn't have a legal requirement here, I'd probably be arguing to keep the journal entirely.
15:09:00 <Ikani> That said, I also don't want to go to court over a website
15:09:31 <pinardilla> right
15:09:41 <Taw> Eh, regardless, we're an art website, not a sex offender's registry as mentioned. It's not really suitable to have on our site
15:10:04 <term>
15:10:04 <Wesley>  Page title  Paste #HlMVmTQWWPYNnGFC9VGl at spacepaste
15:10:17 <term>
15:10:17 <Wesley>  Page title  Paste #HlMVmTQWWPYNnGFC9VGl at spacepaste
15:10:25 <pinardilla> taw: we don't hold journals to artistic standards and there's a community interest here
15:10:26 <term> my draft here.
15:10:46 (-) Armaina joined
15:11:07 <SkylerBunny> If you all can give me a few minutes, I could do some edits, see what you think.
15:11:17 <Taw> True, though I'd much rather our site and journals be used for something other than calling out other users on things. :v
15:11:34 <pinardilla> yeah go for it skyler, there's a couple clarity suggestions I can think of too
15:11:55 <Ikani> hi Arm!
15:11:57 <Fay>
15:11:57 <Wesley>  Page title  Paste #5LypMWfqrnyMLtnVMMVb at spacepaste
15:13:43 <SkylerBunny> Hm. Okay, now I've got two to merge. May take a bit longer but working.
15:13:54 <Ikani> hah
15:14:12 <Ikani> Fay, I'd kill line 5 from yours entirely but otherwise like the tone
15:14:14 <Fay> whoops sorry >.>
15:14:26 <Ikani> its okay
15:14:34 <Armaina> Ikani, hii
15:14:35 <Ikani> Skyler, work your magic :)
15:14:36 <Fay> also sure can do that. whatever draft works best for you guys
15:16:44 <Fay> got a tweet we might want to respond to after this note goes out
15:17:07 <Fay> can't seem to link to it but it's the latest @weasyl one
15:17:17 <SkylerBunny> Still working as fast as I can.
15:17:35 <Ikani> the kogifir one?
15:18:16 <term> skyler take your time.
15:19:22 <Ikani> I'm also thinking that we make a very public post about our position on callouts, and our position on censorship, after this
15:19:49 <Taw> Might be a good idea
15:19:51 <pinardilla> probably a good idea
15:19:52 <Armaina> yep
15:20:50 <Fay> kogifur yeah
15:20:54 <Ikani> okay
15:21:00 <pinardilla> for reference
15:21:00 <Wesley>  Twitter  @Kogifir: @krinndnz @weasyl curious whether any of these policies get run past Actual Lawyers
15:21:05 <term> mmm yeah I can work on something regarding that.
15:21:29 <term> fuck'n hell I really didn't want to have to pushback the spotlight.
15:21:30 <SkylerBunny>
15:21:30 <Wesley>  Page title  Paste #d0TpaUjROEInw1ZXhebv at spacepaste
15:21:41 <Fay> "we're happy to report we have on staff lawyers to review our TOS and policies"
15:22:37 <pinardilla> are those URLs okay, or is that still too close to a direct link?
15:22:56 <Fay> director call on that one
15:22:57 <SkylerBunny> I don't know. But I wanted to give this as a good starting point either way.
15:23:13 <SkylerBunny> The main thrust is that I want to spell out EXACTLY what she can do, and then we say 'Great, journal stays'.
15:23:41 <term> pinar: this issue is the direct link to the FAQ.
15:23:44 <SkylerBunny> If the answer is no, I can reword it so that it says 'My Twitter or my Tumblr'; you can check my profile page (_link_) for either.
15:23:52 <term> Everything outside of that is fine.
15:24:02 <SkylerBunny> Term: Would you say then that what I put in that response above is acceptable?
15:24:12 <term> I'd say so.
15:24:13 <Fay> I like the message
15:24:18 <SkylerBunny> Okay. Let me actually make one more tweak to it.
15:24:42 <term> post it here and I'll send it on its way.
15:24:49 <pinardilla> I'd like to put in my own input too if you don't mind
15:25:04 <Fay> directors are okay with it?
15:26:45 <Taw> I'm fine with it.
15:26:50 <Ikani> sorry was getting more background on them from Farore, who's known them for a while
15:26:53 <Ikani> let me read over it quick
15:27:01 <SkylerBunny> I'm writing another draft Ikani, one sec.
15:27:17 <Ikani> oh okay
15:27:19 <Ikani> waiting <3
15:27:47 <Ikani> also Lacuna says she remembers there being a ticket a few months back with a reported journal on this subject
15:28:15 <Fay> There was a submission
15:28:28 <Ikani> aah okay
15:28:41 <SkylerBunny>
15:28:41 <Wesley>  Page title  Paste #xQvR3AYBMfoN2A5xmUhy at spacepaste
15:29:11 <Fay> she has a submission about her experience. Which was reported by oceanotter. we let it stay as itremoved reference to ocean otter
15:29:22 <Fay> or rahter it had no reference
15:29:41 <Fay> the ticket stayed up since otter mentioned he would be looking into legal stuff

Arcanethewoof proposed, on Weasyl, making a website blacklisting artists who make "rape-positive material or support rape-positivity" with the stated intent of depriving them of exposure and commissions.  He also said that he favoured expanding the remit of the site to cover racism and misogyny.

He deleted the submission and journal relating to this matter after a few days, but there is a screenshot. Arcanethewoof is an artist and owes $995 worth of commissions he failed to do, to various people. This all happened at the end of August, but someone gave me a screencap of it now.

At length:

One arcanethewoof posted a journal on Weasyl (now deleted) where he posted private messages between himself and an artist who had drawn a furry porn comic featuring rape. In the PMs Arcane said that furry porn with non-consensual sex is "glorifying rape", "reinforces the idea that rape can be Okay" and said that he wanted non-consensual material removed from the furry community. The artist had responded in the PMs by explaining that he had been sexually assaulted himself, and said that furry porn images are not real and that Arcanethewoof cannot speak for all sexual assault victims.

In the journal, after having quoted the PMs, Arcane explained that none of the artists points needed rebutting and accused the artist of a "total lack of human empathy".

In the comments section of the journal Arcane said that he would privately message people with the artists name in order to deprive the artist of business, followers, favourites etc. Some people disagreed with him in the comments: including sexual assault victims, prompting Arcane to wail: "What bothers me most right now is that so many sexual assault victims are rising up in defence of this artist" and he then accused victims of sexual assault who disagreed with him of being "self-obsessed".

Off the back of that journal Arcane then proposed making a blacklist/whitelist website, making a submission on weasyl with a picture of proposed website:

Quote from: Arcanethewoof
It is a simple database site that maintains three lists:

A Whitelist, which is where you can find verified safe creators. Individuals on the whitelist have been confirmed to have galleries completely free of rape-positive material. If they're on the whitelist, and you find them online, you're safe.

A Blacklist, which is where artists who are known to produce rape-positive material or support rape-positivity in general are listed. This list is maintained using reports by users; the site will require evidence of some kind to list a user here, so it will be fairly maintained.

A community solidarity page, which is where you can find consumers who have committed to using the site; members of the community are committed to steadfastly refusing to watch, follow, fav, share, or purchase anything by an artist on the Blacklist page. The purpose of the community page is to give pause to artists who claim that they produce the material for the sake of business: artists will be able to see all of the customers they will lose by being blacklisted on FARE Trade.

Pls. note, as said, submission is now deleted, however there is a screenshot of the submission and all the comments here:

A further twist in the tale is that Arcane is an artist himself, and took on commissions to the value of $995: he was desperate for cash, living paycheck to paycheck and spent all the money before he'd done the commissions, and failed to complete them and doesn't have enough money to pay back his commissioners. He had a submission up on weasyl, linking to a youtube video where he explained these things, but he deleted the Weasyl submission and the Youtube video and it is now unknown whether or not he will ever do the commissions or pay the money back.

Scandal! / Floebean throws the first punch in an internet fight
« on: September 22, 2014, 10:53:04 am »
One Floebean (a guest of honour at the last Mephit Furmeet) complained, on twitter, about a youtube animated video, put out by a webcomic called "Bedfellows", which jokes about rape:

The Bedfellows artist drew this picture in response to Floebean:


Floebean was upset, and other people started tweeting about the matter. One person said to the bedfellows artist that "lmfao you are literally a garbage can in human form this is amazing", to which the bedfellows artist responded with this picture:


Someone critical of TheBedfellows drew this:


A thread was made on where people discussed this matter:

Ex-friends/acquaintances of Floebean came forward to make allegations including Floebean being an anti-semite and a "self-defeating vacuum of drama no matter where they go". These people didn't support the Bedfellows comic, but rather said that they felt Floebean was getting a taste of his or her own medicine:

Oh floe~ I've known her for many moon. She's cheated on essentially all of her boyfriends. This whole "poly" thing is only so she can sleep with multiple men at once. She talks shit about someone all day behind their back and then smiles right to their face. She bullies people who disagree with her and gets all her followers on twitter to go after them by constantly playing the victim, and if she gets called out on it, she'll just scream even louder how she's a victim.

She's also fairly anti-Semitic. I can recall her previous boyfriend mocking a Jewish person for the Holocaust at AC08 while she sat and laughed. Later, when talking (read: yelling) at the same person, she called them a "typical rich spoiled Jew." She has a fat fetish but isn't open about it (in public at least). However, while in the presence of a fatty, she'd constantly say how "funny it would be if you sat on me haha wouldn't that be funny so funny you should do it because it would be so funny......" She bandwagons like nobody else, radically changing her entire outlook on life within months, if not weeks, just to fit in. She thinks it's funny to laugh and joke about her short-comings with commissions; she's owed a plethora to people on FA but keeps not doing them and then tweets something like "logs into FA, sees notes about commissions, logs out. I'M AN ADULT!!!! I'M 12 LOL."

Another individual, BillTheSetite (aka Woulf), posted nudes of her on some SA Helldump thread years ago, but after he said SOWWY she became best buds with him. You may think Hey wow that's adult of her, but no, it's because his father has money which he gives to Woulf who then pays for Floe to go to cons (for airfare, hotel space, food and drink and weed, etc.) In fact, she recently tweeted about this, saying she thought she would warn people about him since he did this and then would expect sex from the woman in return. Of course, she didn't call him out, essentially allowing a potential rapist to walk free. Tsk-tsk... She has no interest in getting gender reassignment surgery, meaning that she wants you to know her pronouns while still being a biological female. She would tweet how angry she is when someone at a restaurant would call her "Ma'am" and how she'd struggle to resist the urge to yell and scream and assault them.

There's more shit to post (waaaaay more) but this is enough for now. I got shit to do anyways. The point is, she is a pretty terrible person. I used to have faith that she was just going through a phase and would grow/mature out of it. She does have a job and maintains a home and has an adorable kitten. That is to say that she's not mooching money off her parents, so at least there's that. But she insulates herself into echochambers, circlejerking with all her friends about how right they are about everything, and if anyone questions her about anything, they're immediately vilified.

Not checking grammar/spelling, sorry.

tl;dr Fuck dis b

Quote from: unf
ohmygooddd, can verify p much everything Priscilla Cacklefoot said. She loves drama and goes out of her way to cause it - I'd put money she's reading this right now and getting pumped up because people are talking about her.
She's got a core group of men who are either dumb or waiting in line to get some that go to battle for her whenever the shit gets stirred, as soon as she's called out it's the whole "woe is me people are mean I'm so frightened!" act and these idiots RUSH IN TO PROTECT.

The whole SJW act is incredible. This is the same person who used to make fun of handicapped people, go on about how it's so much easier to "be a girl and get men to do things for you", and make fun of socially awkward furs to their face at conventions.

Getting this pissed about rape jokes is even funnier because she loves getting tied down and choked / puppy play bullshit.

I feel a little guilty wishing bad on anyone but sometimes it's good to see shit things happen to shit people. You cant fuck over as many people as she has and expect to be in the right.

PS that helldump thread with Neco was fucking hilarious, the only people in the world dumb enough for each other are those two.

Floe's always been nuts. She used to have her livejournal hugbox where she'd shit on all of her lovers (that she cheated on) to try and turn any mutual friends against them. Now she has her twitter hugbox and goes after random people she doesn't even know in real life. I had some fun times hanging out with floe, but now I'm just terrified of her. Question her the slightest bit and get ready for a callout thread and more dung thrown at you than a visit to the monkey pen.

Who really wants to be on the receiving end of an internet circle jerk whether they care about the people or not? Floe's probably enjoying this thread about as much as I'd enjoy having their people doing this same sort of thing via social media. I don't feel bad for Floe in this case because they do exactly what this thread is doing on a weekly basis and have ZERO comprehension of what they're really doing. Hey Floe, I'm sure you're reading this so how about you stop calling out names so that your followers can harass whoever your target of the moment is? Bedfellows is trash and anyone with a bit of maturity saw that a long time ago. They didn't need you to tell them, all you did was throw the first punch in an internet fight followed by playing the victim card when you got a bloody nose.

250+ posts later and only one post in support of it. Bedfellows isn't funny, floe is.

Someone in the thread said: "Is this a cuck thread now? Please let it be a cuck thread!".

Floebean responded to the thread by making his or her twitter private and putting something in the profile which was allegedly about how he or she had been cheating on one of his or her many boyfriends (Firr, so it was claimed in the thread) and hated him:

He removed all reference to Floebean from his twitter profile also, but then they got back together again within hours.

Floebean said that he/she would draw sketches in exchange for donations to RAINN (an anti-rape charity) and raised $130 thereby, someone who had been raped, said in response to that:

Can I just say as a victim of rape the fact that they've drawn rape play, are currently speaking over rape victims and are using donating to a charity in order to boost their ego and sj points really rubs me the wrong way?

Floebean also said that he or she had received internet death threats re. this matter.

Scandal! / "CisScummery is at a near intolerable level"
« on: August 15, 2014, 04:13:14 pm »
On Weasyl, one Rampack, presuming to speak for a whole swath of people, posted a journal (with the mandatory "trigger warning"):

the gist of which is that the terms herm/hermaphrodite, shemale and cuntboy are offensive and may not be used not be used to describe furry porn (cuntboy refers to a male character with a vagina). And that the word herm is used to "stigmatize, oppress and erase intersex people" and that the word belongs to intersex people and only they, of all the people in the world, may use it.

Rampack also declared that fantasy art doesn't exist in a vacuum and shouldn't be immune from being "held accountable for it's problematic tendencies" (this logic could also be used to attack furry porn in general because it encourages bestiality, right?). Terms like like "problematic tendencies" strike me as being so vague and all embracing as to justify censorship of anything at all. Another curious part, I thought, was this:

Quote from: Rampack
People who kill trans women call us "shemales" and "trannies" I doubt you want to be like them. Your art doesn't exist in a vacuum! It is informed and exists in the real world!!

Equating people who use offensive words to murderers.

In the comments on that journal an artist said she wished to stop using terms like herm and cuntboy for her art and asked the journal author what she should use instead. Rampack said that she should use the words 'trans woman' and 'trans man', however the artist points out:

'since drawing furry porn is a business for me, i try to tag my images with things that are going to have high search value. i feel like if someone is searching for "trans woman" or "mtf", they are seeking a realistic representation of that bodytype. where as searching for "herm", folks are seeking out a very specific, over indulgent, representation'

'i don't want to imply that real transwomen are supposed to look like the "herms" that furries have grown accustomed to. seems like the "furry-herm" is an entirely separate creature from tanswomen. '

Rampack ultimately admited there that she couldn't think of an acceptable term. However, Rampack later settled on a Japanese word: "Futa" which is Japanese for... hermaphrodite.

In other comments, someone called Zinn ranted about cis scum and said that people who disagree with Rampack et al should commit suicide:

[...] The levels of CisScummery is at a near intolerable level. "Oh no, Herm is all about body parts, it's Fox Chix with Dix, don't make this a trans thing!" Plz dive into the ocean, and don't come back up for air [...]

She also ranted about cutting someones face up because they disagreed with her:

Quote from: Zinn
Changing your face with my scalpel would make me far more happy than if I didn't rearrange it with surgical tools [...]

What lovely people! Rampack even thanked Zinn for this vile and aggressive behaviour:

Despite that, some of those supportive of Rampack tried to paint her as a victim, for example:

Quote from: Emeraldskies
i'm sorry that people are giving you shit for saying what should to any caring person be literally common sense - "avoid using words that hurt people if you don't want to hurt people". i'm really glad you're talking about this. thanks for the post.

This sort of aggressive policing of other peoples words produces odd neologisms such as "Womb-havers" and reduces people to begging for approval:

Quote from: Cosuman
I tend to be lazy and just go "This is a bloke. He happens to have a vagina instead of a dick." or "This is a matter for all womb-havers in general" (In a reproductive rights discussion). Is that ok, or is this being too reductionist?

Some attempts at rational discussion, and which also dealt with some scientific inaccuracies in what Rampack was claiming about hermaphrodite humans not existing:

were ignored, or dismissed.

Someone implied that the Weasyl staff are on Rampack & co's side somehow, being "protective":

Quote from: Keyra
[...] the staff seem to be somewhat aware of this and have, if not supporting, then at least protective stances on our voicing opinions and raising concern on the matter

Which I doubt because this sort of thing is such a mess.

What I take away from that journal and the comments is that there exists a certain demographic in the furry subculture who have immersed themselves in forms of identity politics found almost solely on-line on social media, that this demographic is concerned with policing how other people express themselves, and that Rampack's journals and its comments are a good example of this demographic in action.

ImvuAffinity / FA United Guest of Honour treated badly
« on: February 21, 2014, 04:25:46 am »
Dragoneer has, today, made an announcement, on FA, about his vanity convention and things have fallen rather flat. Firstly, a 2012 Guest of Honour mentioned in the comments about how they were locked out of their hotel room because the convention had forgotten to book their room for Friday to Monday (instead it was Friday to Sunday) and how they were not reimbursed, as promised, for their travel costs and their e-mails were ignored:

Quote from: Skulldog
Hey FAU, I was a GOH for 2012, while I had fun, I did had some issues (my room was for only Fri to Sun morning instead of Mon morning, and I was locked out of my room Sunday and had to explain to the hotel I was support to have my room for all of Sunday which was..stressful to say the least! While this was fixed with some talking with the hotel staff, it was rather scary when my phone, clothing and personal items where locked in a room I wasn't in control off under my own name..)

What I really want to say is, I had sent a few emails in regards to be reimbursed for travel costs back in 12', mostly that I was cool with swapping the reimbursement costs for my travel from Nashua NH, to Whippany NJ (roughly 4 hours+ NY tolls or about $88 back in 2012) for a Dealer's Table for the following year instead. However I have to this day not been replied to by anyone, I wrote this of as 'eh whatever' and simply not promoted or attended the convention since this.

If anyone would like to reply to me, and talk about this that would be nice, but not really vital, as I've long since written it off and covered the costs myself.

And elsewhere in the comments people were not impressed:

Quote from: dioderancher
Is there an anti-harassment policy at this convention?

Quote from: Dragoneer
Yes. We do not tolerate harassment at the convention. The goal is for everyone to have a fun time, kick back and have a relaxing weekend. Harassment is not tolerated, and we will eject anyone from the hotel who are causing problems.

Quote from: dioderancher
Will there be any security on site that doesn't answer to FA:U staff, like hotel security or local law enforcement? To be brutally honest, I think potential sponsors should seriously consider whether FA:U-provided security can or will protect them considering the likely political pressures that may be placed on them.

Quote from: Dragoneer
The hotel provides their own security, and if an issue comes up, we will involve them or the local authorities (police) if need be. Attendee safety is paramount to any convention, and we take it very seriously. Many of our security have experience working as police or EMT.

Quote from: Silverautomatic
Gonna jump in here real quick as the Sec Director-

Security Staff at FAU don't do politics. We have a strict set of guidelines and procedures that everyone is expected to abide by and enforce regardless of who they're dealing with. If they don't feel they can be objective then they are required to kick it to someone who can. If that means calling in another security staffer, myself, or even the hotel - that's what they are required to do.

I bring several years of law enforcement and private security experience to the table when leading this team; most of whom come from an emergency response, private security, or law enforcement background. I've put in place strict policies to prevent power trips, as well as an even more strict reporting system to make sure all issues hare handled correctly and to the best of our ability.

No one on my security staff have ties to site staff. Their job is specifically to aid in keeping the convention a safe place for every attendee.

If you have any questions or concerns about our ability to keep the convention safe, I encourage you to contact me directly. I can be reached by shooting an email to

Quote from: diodrancher
What? It's you?? Yeah, stay away, people. Stay far, far away. You are NOT in safe hands with Allstate.


Quote from: DeathsFeline
Def wont be going until fA gets its well deserved face-lift and lobotomy.
The con is fun, but god damn.. get your ass in gear already, tired of this shit.

Quote from: campion1
Fix shit and release an update, and then we'll talk.

Quote from: Dragoneer
That's our plan, actually.

Quote from: Devious-Bane
Wasn't this your plan like 7 years ago when Ferrox was announced?

Quote from: Dragoneer
Phoenix is a complete reboot, and will take some time. We have some things to discuss on that, and will be making an announcement related to that soon.

The good old "We're working on it".

Quote from: twistedteeth
See this is kind of irritating because I feel like with all the hype and shit about project firebird or whatever it was called y'all are just glazing over what needs to be done again. Why not save funds and actually put them into making the site better, skipping one year when y'all already have shit PR and lost at least 1/5th of your users due to some major slip ups is not going to kill you. Especially not if you're going to actually get into gear and start picking shit up around here.

I doubt quite a few people will even want to go with what all has happened, hell there's already comments asking about harassment policies and security. How's this going to look when hardly anyone turns up for this thing and you can't cover your major losses. You can't even cover your losses now.

ImvuAffinity / FA staff give up on answering trouble tickets/e-mails/etc
« on: December 07, 2013, 04:48:28 am »
Someone on posted this thread:

w/this picture in:

so that's nearly 5 months of unanswered trouble tickets there. There are currently 20 admins listed on the site staff page and a few more who are not.

This is an advert on, the furry dating site. Someone on contacted this person via IM and they are for real. This is a rather extreme example, self proclaimed social justice warrior and all, but it encapsulates some of the current trends in the furry subculture (washing in from tumblr and elsewhere on the net') such as giving yourself lots of labels, "My pronouns", being "non-binary" etc, though as I said, this is a rather extreme example esp. when you factor in otherkin and homestuck.

I'm sure they're just an edgy immature teenager in the end, though, looking to find some identity or community in a hard and largely uncaring world. But there are better more constructive ways of doing that.

I promise to get another photo up soon, as well as a profile pic. Just got back to Connecticut so by the end of the month I should hopefully have this ad more completed.

In the meantime, I have a webcam and can mic or webcam chat on Skype, if you want.

The name is Kusari Kaikou Burd. Not legally yet, but I'm working on that. I've had an account here before a while ago but deleted it and am starting totally fresh.

I'm agender so that means I am a nonbinary trans* individual. My pronouns are he/him/his, it, and burd. I prefer it above all else.

My sexuality is hard to describe but it's something like pansexual and something like Fuck Off Cishets. Only interested in dating fellow queers, trans* beings very much preferred. Don't own a binder yet but my moirail is buying me one soon. CISHET DUDES NEED NOT APPLY, EVER. And if you're an ~ally~ then you can fuck right off as well. I have no need for ~allies~ at all.

Technically I am indeed 21 and have been as such since May 28th. And I would be interested in dating someone between ages 18 and 26.

You can say my species is gryphon, specifically a keythong. Keythong is the term for wingless gryphon with spikes instead of wings. They often have horns but I do not. The things that make up my species are Hagsfiend a Tayra. Hagsfiends are a species from the Guardians of Ga'Hoole book series, and they are a strange mix of crow and owl. So I've got strigiform, mustelid, and corvid as my makeup. Keythong is my Kintype, and I've gotta go back and rework my Fursona. It may end up being a different kind of keythong. I'm thinking meerkat mixed with fiery billed aracari.

The relationship I am in is very open and I'm seeking a new primary partner. I put single not open relationship because I'm not looking for a side interest, I'm seeking a being who will be my front and center partner. The being I'm currently with is wonderful but I don't know if I will be staying with her much longer. Even if I do, I am polyamourous and she is comfortable with me pursuing this. I'm open to dating a monogamous being but I am not limiting myself to that.

I have been a Furry since mid-2009, and I have been Awakened as Otherkin since around 8th or 9th grade. I graduated in 2010 so it's been a real while. Right now I'm not as involved in the Furry community as I used to be but still am part of it. It's just that my Otherkin identity matters to me more AND I don't have much time for Furry stuff lately since joining Tumblr.

Homestuck is my most favorite thing in the whole of forever and I will continue to fixate on it after I'm dead. Currently I own a Megido hoodie bought from the What Pumpkin store but will be getting more stuff later on. Including a Breath hoodie since my God Tier title is Soul of Breath. I have a moirail and he is the best frickin fawks I have ever known or ever will know, so my pale quadrant is occupied. However, I'm looking for a new primary matesprit and am open to getting a kismesis as well.

I also have a huge metaphorical boner for the zodiac. My sun sign is Gemini, moon is Aries, and Rising is Capricorn. Ask if you wanna know the rest.

I have no job currently and I cannot drive, forgive me.

There's nothing REALLY specific that I'm looking for so try me and we'll see where things end up. As long as you are open to getting into Homestuck or like it already, are not cishet, and are either Otherkin or like Otherkin, we're cool.

I'm white. And never refer to me as a person, I prefer to be called a being. Thank you.

My God Tier classpect is Soul of Breath. I'm also a Prospit Dreamer. My Land is called the Land of Lightning and Abyss.


Scandal! / Edited Commision uploads on SoFurry Drama Butthurt
« on: September 05, 2013, 04:19:45 am »
The short of it is, is that there have recently been several cases of commissioners uploading commissioned pictures which they have edited in some way on the SoFurry site (One case simply involved someone adding some text to a reference sheet). A moderator on the site ruled that it was acceptable to upload such pictures to SoFurry and that artists should make it clear to commissioners before hand if they don't want them editing their pictures. He entitled the official journal he made about this matter: Terms of Service and being butthurt.

However, as you probably know, copyright hoo-hah and people being sensitive about their stuff (sometimes even oversensitive) are part and parcel of the furry subculture and such a thing as that is guaranteed to upset members of the community which use the site and make people feel insecure about uploading stuff. Therefore, within hours the decision had been reversed and the site owner Toumal apologized.

I wonder if editing pictures has become more popular of late due to such things as a series of threads on where edits of pictures are done (apparently to the great satisfaction of most of the people asking for edits), and the increased ease of sharing edited pictures (compared to say 10 years ago) on furry chan/image-board sites, tumblr and so forth. Indeed, I noted just today that a picture by Zaush was uploaded on FA and within a few minutes(!) someone had made a female character in it into a male one and shared it on

First the original butthurt journal:

Terms of Service and being butthurt

On why making rules clear is a good idea

Recently we've had a couple of reports come in from artists complaining about their works being edited and then posted on SoFurry. These pictures were commissioned and paid for, and then the commissioner (the customer) has then made some edits of their own and gone on to post the new picture.

Now, I can understand the artists in this case being annoyed, especially if they weren't asked permission. But here's where the important bit is - permission.

As an artist you can lay out the rules of the commission. This can be stuff like what kinds of content you are willing to draw, under what circumstances rejections and alterations can be made, and whether the customer can edit or repost the work and so on.

If you don't state these things, make them clear and get your customer to agree to them, then you are giving them goods that they can do with as they please. So, if they want, they can write all over it and change all the colours and repost it wherever they like - and because you didn't make it clear as part of the deal that that is not OK, there's nothing you can do about it.

Now, that doesn't mean it's cool for people to do that. It's still a dick move if someone pays you for a commission and then messes around with it and doesn't give you the credit you deserve and talk to you about the changes. But, it's also something that can be totally allowed.

So, artists, if you want to be careful with your work, how it's distributed and used and what people can or can not do to it, make sure you get your Terms of Service clear and understood. Otherwise, you're just setting yourself up for a fall.

The two top-rated replies to it:

Quote from: Fighterjet

I am no longer going to use this site and am now pulling down all of my works. I will not support a site that has such bewildering concepts of copyright law. When you pay for a commission, you're not paying for the rights to heavily modify and reuse an image- hell, technically, you don't even have the legal right to repost it.

Whether or not a TOS exists is beyond the point, especially when an online TOS can and HAS been nullified by existing legal constructs. Just as an artist cannot legally get away with denying refunds and never producing the commissioned work, a TOS cannot override existing copyright law. If a TOS is absent, standard copyright law and legalities should stand.

The fact that you guys seem to think otherwise makes me believe that my work is not safe to be posted to this site.

Good day.

Quote from: Dicefuzz
N... no... no. When creating a work for a customer, the artist retains rights to the work- that means that it cannot be edited, it can not be 'written all over', nor does it mean they have exclusive or ANY reposting rights unless directly told by the artist. I don't HAVE to say "you are not allowed to edit this work", for it to be un-editable. I have to say "you ARE ALLOWED TO EDIT THIS WORK" all caps, bold, font size 20, impact typeface, underline, doubleunderline, ITALICS- for the customer to be able to actually be allowed to make ANY edits to the piece OR pay anyone else to do so. It is ILLEGAL for them to do so under copyright law. It does not fall under fair use or parody.

Not having it in your TOS does not trump copyright law.

If you're going to run a site that allows for visual artwork to be uploaded, learn the law behind it. An artist CAN DCMA your site, as the content host, to remove the artwork- they should not have to. All they should have to do is ask, because they are the copyright holder, and you should be removing the offending image. An artist, should they care enough about an (apparently really shitty, by evidence of the two mod posts, both journal and comment) furry site, could in fact lawyer up and sue.

Personally, I hope that the artist in question posts an artist_beware post about this site, because I sure as hell do not want to EVER post artwork to this site again, considering the way you treat the artists residing.

Toumal's apology journal:

Quote from: Toumal
Our Apologies: Recent copyright issues!

Hey fellow furs, and furry artists!

As many of you heard, there has been an issue with a particular moderation decision. A user posted modified versions of commissions. Our moderator told the artist that he can't ask for the modified artwork to be taken down. Our mods called the artist "butthurt". When I woke up I saw a mushroom cloud from my window.

First off all: We fucked up. We're a team of volunteers strewn across the globe, so a good number of our team was unavailable at that time. But regardless, the end result was the same, and the harsh language from our side simply wasn't neccessary. On top of that our decision was wrong.

Of course a commissioner can usually repost a commission he paid for (unless the artist made him agree to other terms beforehand) - that's what everyone does in the fandom on all the sites out there. It's called joint copyright under US law.

of course a commissioner cannot modify finished artwork and then post the edited version up everywhere, without permission from the artist. That is simply not covered by joint copyright. It's rude.

That's the legal side of things. On top of that, SoFurry is not here for our own amusement and power trips. SoFurry is made and run FOR YOU. For artists, writers and musicians, for furries, for furry-curious people. So with everything we do, we must take into consideration the person who we're doing this for, and that person is you.

It's now early morning for some of the mod team, and even EARLIER morning for others ;) but in light of all this let me just say that we're working on this. Please accept my apologies for the messy situation and everything bad that has been said. We're looking into our staff organization as well, though needless to say we did fail as a team and the point this post is not to put all the blame on individual mods.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies for that mess. We're not closing any threads or journals about this by the way (unless things get personally insulting, mind you) so please do feel free to discuss this. We're always open for suggestions. You can also PM me if you want, though chat is probably easier. I'll be on the SF chat later today as well.

A comment by someone on about this:

Quote from: anonymous
I oddly agree with the fact that commissioners are entitled to it. Speaking as an artist, it's hardly different from game mods and music remixes.

Other art fields explicitly mention the level of use that you have when purchasing the product.

Someone else:

Quote from: anonymous
In before Sofurry will be dead by the end of summer comments! But really, while I partially agree, staff probably shouldn't be calling artists butthurt..not a great way to get anyone new on your site after this.

Scandal! / The alleged frauds of Darius Koopa
« on: June 29, 2013, 03:56:34 pm »
There is a certain fellow:

who one november (of that name on FA) accuses of being a fraudster. November alleges that Darius Koopa has pretended that his mother has both had lung cancer and  been shot, in order to scam money out of people; the money being spent on attending 20 conventions in 24 months. November went to the trouble of compiling a 53 page .pdf about the matter:

Here is the introduction:

Quote from: November
DariusKoopa has been leeching off of the generosity of this fandom for many years and continues to do so. In September, 2012, he claimed that his mother got lung cancer and received chemotherapy as treatment. In May, 2013, he claimed that his mother suffered multiple gunshot wounds in New York City. Both times, he requested donations from the fandom to help with medical bills and to see his mother. Both times, he attended a furry convention during his trip.

You will see a history of his habits which will establish a consistent and recurring pattern of asking for donations.

You will see his motive for making the cancer and shooting claims.

You will see basic medical information about cancer (such as treatment options and survivability rates) and why the alleged lung cancer
diagnosis does not mesh up

You will see pictures that a reasonable person would find highly suspicious for a shooting victim.

You will see how I followed due diligence by giving him every attempt to prove himself right and to prove me wrong.

You will see raw correspondence and how he tried to cover up his claims when confronted.

You will see how his actions seem to defy logic and common sense.

But ultimately, you will see the truth:

DariusKoopa is a fraud, fleecing members of this community by exploiting alleged family emergencies to take advantage of your generosity. cies to take advantage of your generosity.

Also, from livejournal, Darius Koopa allegedly got someone drunk and forced them to have sex with him:

Weasyl Wankfest / Reactions to Weasyl
« on: April 13, 2013, 06:38:46 pm »
While browsing Furaffinity I came across this journal asking for feedback from the community about the merits of Weasyl (it was not written by a weasyl staff member):

Quote from: Chrisgoodwin
Okay, so is cool or not?


Y'all know I can't think for myself :B

Please advise, thanks.




And don't forget to mention why. Or why not, if it seems to be the case.

p.s. - give reasons; like, reasons why. Or perhaps maybe reasons why not.

= = = =

1. PRO:

2. CON:
- AND OKAY, ENOUGH ABOUT THE SQUARE THUMBNAILS (Yes, we all agree it's a bad thing)

Mystery Meat Navigation: "Such interfaces lack a user-centered design, emphasizing aesthetic appearance, white space, and the concealment of relevant information over basic practicality and functionality." - wiki

There were over 100 comments on the journal: generally, many people were happy with Weasyl being a working website that is "not Furaffinity" and with it having folders &c. but it is clear there is still bread left unbuttered, especially with respect to the thumbnails. It also looks like people are well aware that the community and traffic is the only thing left keeping FA going at this point.

I thought the comment on Weasyl being "not really sure what exactly it is right now" was interesting, especially combined with the comment from a weasyl admin saying that it doesn't cater specifically to furries vs.  the comment that "By now it is clearly a furry site". A selection of comments:

Quote from: Trianine
In general the file handling is a bit wonky. From less-than-helpful thumbnails to poor image naming (images are named 1234.Submit.1234.extension). And some convoluted submission setups... 4 different places to put art, depending on who made it, if it's a character, if it's only for friends, oh and here, have a folder or two, sort your own stuff. If it's music or story... Eh put it with the art, I guess, I don't really care, mix and match at will, it's all good.

Quote from: Trianine
I think Weasyl is probably the best, but has several functional problems like I mentioned above. Really it's only fault is that it's lacking in community, and it's not really sure what exactly it is right now.

Frankly, It's made by folk who were upset about how FA was made/handled, and they are trying to handle those kinds of problems. Think of it as FA 2.0. I go there and try to be active because the only way it's going to survive is if people actually go there and use it. But I'll confess I won't upload content there until they correct pet peeves I shouldn't be having.

Quote from: Rhumba
annoying square cropped thumbnails

Quote from: Pac
it's got some shiny features, but i can't stand browsing that site. the forcibly squared thumbnails make the layout look nice but don't really do much for the actual content. it's convenient to generate thumbnails on the fly, but most folks either crop to a closeup of the face or closeup of the genitals, and a lot are wholly unhelpful. i "look" at art a lot less than i do on FA.

Quote from: Chrisgoodwin
I do like the midsized "thumbnails" that FA gives. Big enough to see what the image is at a glance. Yeah, the square thumbnail thing is bonkers. Okay, thanks!

Quote from: Pac
yeah, i mean, it's not a deal breaker or anything, but i never realized how detrimental those actually are until i tried to enjoy an art site that operates solely on square thumbnails.

other than that, the site is fast, has some helpful features, has some pointless/bloated features, uploading is straightforward, etc...

Quote from: Chrisgoodwin
it's true, cropped thumbnails were a bad idea 10 years ago. Still a bad idea now. Having it as a option people can choose to set sounds better than forcing mystery meat navigation.

Quote from: Technicandy
Seconding with the annoyance at the forced cropped thumbnails, but other than that I like the site. It's got a nice layout (though some areas are a little counter-intuitive--for example I had to dig for a while to find out what a character submission was vs a regular submission). I enjoy how clean it is, and the commission information is....a lot less confusing than the tab that FA recently got up and running again. I'd recommend getting an account there to be available to those who don't like FA or other sites, but I wouldn't use it as my main gallery, personally. Not enough people there yet.

Quote from: Iruka
It's got good features, but like some of the other sites lacks the community support to be really central.

I think it's good to have a presence there!

Also, it's distinctly stable and fast; but that might be because it doesn't have a lot of users.

Quote from: Iruka
How silly of me; the thumbnails are bigger, which appeals when an artist is highlighting a larger part of their work. It allows for more organization (sections for characters/concepts, subfolders, etc. which allow you to do more than just upload in droves and let people browse your complete oeuvre. The random browsing feature is nice if you like to be surprised (also it can be very -bad- if you don't like what the surprises are). It's a little more friendly to authors but in all honesty text is easy to host.

Also, what I mentioned above -- the stability and speed of the site are nice, especially when FA's getting bogged down.

Quote from: Hanazawa
Weasyl's submission browsing is really clunky and counter-intuitive to me; primary example I have was trying to view a comic that an artist had put all into one folder, but it lacked the ability to just go from one page to the next, instead insisting on showing me random other pages within the folder. There might be a way to toggle that but frankly I haven't bothered looking.

Some people used to dislike that Weasyl would lump artistic nudes and porn images together on their rating scale, but they recently fixed that? So perhaps the admins are more responsive to complaints over there.

For me, though, there's just not enough user base for me to jump ship or even keep a mirror.

Quote from: Skrimpf
I have had difficulty determining when I have received a reply, since they are either will not be listed or break the chronological order of the comment list. Somebody posting a stream notice contributes to the same total as a new page watch, which would probably be highly irritating if I logged in there more.
There is yet no way to conceal whose pages I watch and who watches mine from public view, though the point totals can thankfully be hidden.

Quote from: BoilerRoo
CONTENT FILTERS. I wish FA had them!!! I seriously don't want to see everyone's specific, wacky, gross fetish so I just block them and then I don't see them yaaaay! Also you get to make this AWESOME custom banner. I like the layout! I just wish more art & artists were active there. Honestly if anything happened to FA I'd switch over without issue. FA is more active, which is sort of unfortunate - I honestly wish there was more activity over on Weasyl to justify a full move.

Quote from: Coon
I don't think I'm going to leave FA until either FA goes down for good or the place becomes a ghost town because something truly better came along. I'm hearing some rather 'meh' reviews of Weasyl after the "mass exodus" that occurred a few months ago, and seeing as how a few people have actually come back to use their FA accounts again, Weasyl probably is just going to become another SoFurry.

Among the biggest complaints I've heard (keep in mind, I haven't used the art site myself):

(1) Lack of Community. Most artists I've heard from lament the fact that Weasyl does not have connected community features like FA does. Instead of forming a web of interconnected pages through favorites, comments, and the like, stuff seems all detached and buried under a lot of clicks. Galleries are treated more like personal, solitary things that happen to be public, rather than FA's seemingly inherent concept of putting art up on a public forum.

(2) Journals are treated as submissions.

Some things I've heard in Weasyl's favor:

(1) Much better organized than FA with a more robust tagging system and Gallery folders.

Quote from: StokerBramwell
The whys:

Awesome administrative team, cool uploading system, runs fast, is actually coded well, many promising additional features in the works.

The why nots:

Many features still not in place yet, the "Collections" system seems to confuse people, only a fraction of the audience of FA (at least right now).

Quote from: Nyomi
There isn't much in way of exposure for people who don't have scads of fans to take with them to another site. Favorites aren't readily visible, for one thing, so the fluid browsing experience I get here and on dA (surfing new artists AND their favorites for further artists from the same place: the individual profile page) doesn't happen. I also thought I'd like the square icons but I really don't. It'll be interesting to see how they continue to develop the site, but right now, it's useless in terms of exposure for me.

Quote from: chirasul
I personally feel like everyone has stockholm syndrome towards FA; people like what they know, you know? I think Weasyl does everything FA does but better, and were they introduced simultaneously (rather than FA having many years head start), Weasyl would stamp out FA in a heartbeat.

Quote from: Gunuse
I wouldn't let a thumbnail issue be the deciding factor as many people are doing lately.
Weasyl is bringing loads of functions to the artist that aren't available on FA. Such as detailed and well organized commission info, series/comic oriented organization, character/profile management system (like profile pics for characters giving info in a convenient way).
Theres loads more too. This is also in early beta so you can expect more to come as well as changes from community feedback (perhaps a change in thumbnails?).

The biggest benefit in my opinion would be leaving FA.

Quote from: Buck
I like it pretty well. I feel like it's well ahead of FA, and I haven't had many of the problems people are listing. I dunno. I just wish FA would go away. It sucks that people are like, "It's the trailer park of art sites, but I don't mind the roaches enough to go somewhere better." I'm frankly ready to leave, but the truth of the matter is that no one has established a music scene on the other sites. I've thought about doing it myself, but I don't trust myself with organize people. I gave it a small try on InkBunny, but I lack the focus and perseverance to pull it off.

Oh, speaking of music, one thing I LOVE about weasyl is that you can link your music from bandcamp and soundcloud! Which means, if I release an album, I can stream it through weasyl instead of making a preview file and linking to the album in the artist's comments section. That alone is super useful, as a musician.

The fact of the matter is that it's in beta, and all of these problems need to be directed to the beta staff who are dedicated to improving the site before official launch. Perhaps you should just wait until then :3

Quote from: BostoneseBrofists
+ Organized (submissions), good commission info options, has a trades/commissions/requests setting that shows off the bat, layout adapts to your window size surprisingly well.

/ Character pages are interesting but not exactly necessary. I'd rather commission info be something under a tab so it isn't dominating your entire page along the side. Redundant buttons (go to gallery, submissions - both very close to each other)

- Cluttered, Hard to navigate, not many people, hard to communicate, square thumbnails (dead horse), you have to actively dig to find new artists which makes it into a chore to view art. Entire website is sort of tedious.

Quote from: Skrimpf
at least one person assured me that despite the title, the mascot, and the front page containing furry art exclusively, weasyl was not a "furry" site. By now it is clearly a furry site.

Quote from: Punkjax
I'm an admin you should join. :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c

Haha, but honestly, we're still in beta. We work to try to implement good ideas to improve the site (we recently added a fourth rating system to separate sexual 18+ art from things like artistic nudes). However, the community is still mostly here at FA, and Weasyl doesn't cater specifically to the furry fandom; we just happen to attract much of the community because a lot of staff are in the fandom.

Simbathelion was an admin on Furaffinity for several months. Before he became an admin he dismissed  criticism of Furaffinity, however after becoming an admin he realized that a lot of what is said is "very true". As a result he has spoken out about FA:


1. Dragoneer re-admin'ed the terrible chase and lied to the userbase about it.

2. Sciggles is completely lacking in the qualities needed to be a lead admin and has no idea what she is doing, linking people to non-existent wiki pages &c.

3. Yak is always too busy playing computer games to do any work on the FA code. Dragoneer kicked the coders with free time off the staff in a fit of paranoia because he thought they were leaking logs.

4. Dragoneer complains about the state of FA, how it is causing him stress &c. but does nothing to fix things and just rattles off the same old "we're working on it".

You might be aware of all this already, but this is someone who was recently an FA admin, therefore there is more weight than usual behind their criticisms. In addition it shows how nothing has changed at FA and raises questions over whether or not Dragoneer will squander the huge donations of money and hardware so recently taken from the userbase.

Here is a digest of the blog:

Chase used to be an FA admin, before being dismissed for throwing his weight around and being a terrible admin.

Dragoneer decided to allow Chase back on the admin team and chose to lie to the FA users over it:

04:55] <~Dragoneer> Chase may have had a rocky past previously, but he was a good admin. We're still on great terms. He's basically going to be coming in to help with harassment tickets (and only harassment).
[04:55] <~Dragoneer> Kitashi: He and I got into a fight.
[04:55] <&Kitashi> Ah :x
06[04:55] * @Hendikins twitches
[04:56] <~Dragoneer> Hendikins: ?
[04:56] <@Hendikins> I'm just thinking PR.
[04:56] <~Dragoneer> Again, hence with all admin accounts, why he's on an alt and it's on the downlow. If it comes out, we'll announce it.

Dragoneer ignored the objections of the other staff:

[02:12] <@Hendikins> When we've got a glut of staff, bring somebody else in is a slap in the face.
[02:12] <@Hendikins> Particularly when it is done without consulting the team.

Sciggles is lacking in the qualities needed to be a lead admin:

"When we new admins were brought on, we got the number of tickets down from about 16 pages (100 per page) to 3 pages. Sciggles had an obviously splendid idea of decided to split everyone into "specialist groups" and then saying training was required for said groups! I've got around 8 years of experience as a mod/admin dealing with harassment, so naturally I went into that group. Sciggles then informed me we would have a Skype chat for her to "train" me. She was late. Not only was she late, but when she arrived she had the following to say:

<Sciggles> It looks like it was pulled offline last night so Neer is trying to poke Net-cat to get it back on. That had all the information I was going to give to you on how we handled certain issues. If you had any questions or anything or think something should have been added to it that wasn't was basically what we were going to go through.

By "it", she's referring to a Wiki page with "FA harassment guidelines". She then proceeded to wall of text me with a lot of very generic information I knew within a month of my 8 years doing this stuff.


I don't think Sciggles is inherently a bad person, but I do strongly think (and the evidence shows) that administrative qualities are lacking. I'm sorry for those of you who have tickets open from months ago (there are 100+ if not 200+ of these)."

The FA coding crisis:

"[17:47] <@Summercat> One of the biggest complaints we have is that we don't have enough coding staff to deal with issues. We have talent onboard already, but we are not using them.
01[17:48] <@SimbaTheLion> Yeah, that seems a bit nuts - I work as a software engineer as my full time job and Kitashi and a few others here also are very techincal.
01[17:48] <@SimbaTheLion> technical*
[17:48] <&Kitashi> I've been trying to change how we do things so we can actually make use of people who have technical experience
[17:48] <@Summercat> I want to start bashing peoples faces in for talking shit about how we treat other coders, but god damn if I don't have that wiggling doubt that they might be right, regardless of Eevee/Crpyto being giant douches.


You see the people in this chat? The people who actually wanted to get something done and not just give empty promises of "oh it'll be ready on Monday"? Kitashi, me, Hendikins, Summercat. None of us are admins anymore. The very people who had the time, the ability and the skills to sort things out."


"I've saved Dragoneer until last for a reason. He owns the site. As you can see from the log just above - he could have helped us, he could have saved FA. He chose not to. Yak did not get the kick up the arse he needed to utilise the talent FA had just waiting to go. Sciggles never received training to be able to administrate efficiently and upset other people pretending to do so. Chase - well. Chase was allowed back on staff, because Dragoneer "trusts him"."

Today is international women's day, this is how Bad Dragon celebrated it:

Scandal! / The many lies of Herro
« on: December 24, 2012, 07:18:45 am »
A few days ago, someone made a thread on linking to this:

The TL:DR is that a furry, popular on FA, called herro is a compulsive liar who pretended to be a woman online for many years (sending people photographs of women telling people they were him) and fooled various people into relationships, traveling to America &c. Additional lies included working for aerospace and engineering corperations, being a millionaire etc etc. Someone on said that herro "Scammed thousands of dollars too in gifts and undelivered commissions":

Herro's hand was forced and he posted a journal admitting to some things:

The most relevant part:

Quote from: Herro
I'm also a liar. I have been lying for a long time. I have been lying to people since I've been on the internet. There is NO ONE on here that knows how I am. I am almost certain that I think think you can talk to any two people who know me and ever get the same story twice.

To the highest possible extent you can imagine someone lying. Imagine something double that. Imagine the most heartbreaking lie someone has ever told to you and I do that all the time. Every day. I lie on a whim about anything. I've lied to people to such an extent that they changed their entire lives around me- and I've never even apologized to them. I've made people fall in love with lives, leave their lovers for lies. I don't know how much worse it can get than that. People go to jail for lesser things. People should go to jail for THESE things.

Rokemi (author of the .gif above) posted a journal urging him to eluicidate further:

Rokemi was sent a note by someone who'd been strung along by Herro for 4 years and to such an extent that they spent $2500 flying to America in the hope of meeting them:

Herro posted a second journal admitting to more lies:

I mislead people yes. But I mislead people in love. Not just hey one person, or two people. But several people over the course of many years.

-I told people I was a girl instead of being upfront, and saying "Hey. You know, I feel like a girl. But I'm not."
-I kept misleading people into this lie, even after they gave me chances to come clean. I had all the chances in the world. More than anyone deserves, and instead I lied to them further, convincing them to be comfortable. And 'How dare they question me!?'
-I kept people so in love with me that they fell out of love with the people in their daily lives, the people that actually did love them.
-I made someone break up with their girlfriend for no reason because they thought I was some dreamy person that could be all they ever wanted.
-I made multiple people waste money on me, trying to see me, trying to meet someone who never really existed. Not only their money, but their time, missing work, missing school. Flying to another place, ending up far from home for no reason. For nothing but a lie to try and meet someone they thought they knew. In talking to these people recently, it is not any miniscule amount, it is thousands of dollars in total. All wasted.
-I used my illness with HIV to my advantage to scare people when they got too close, or as an excuse as to why they couldn't ever meet me. I up-played and downplayed how sick I was depending on who was talking to me. Depending on how much sympathy or 'room' I needed.
-For some people I knew, I never TOLD them I had HIV to begin with, which might the most abhorring thing a person can do to anyone who might be close to them at any time.
-I justified having HIV as a reason to myself that "It's okay to do this. I can't ever do anything in real life anyway. I can live all my intimacies online."
-I pretended to have other illnesses just because I knew the symptoms would be similar and people would believe me, and feel sorry.
-I told people I lived in places that I have never, ever been. I told people I was not my age. I told people I as not my race. I told people I worked some dream job, that I was a millionaire, that I was 'famous' for whatever this or that reason.
-I used pictures of people who were not me for my own means, to win affection, to be someone else. Without regard for the personal lives that I was stealing.
-I ruined peoples emotions by using their own friends to get information about them. I used people to build and refine my own lies and life. I used anyone who I knew I could. To betray their own friends.
-I lied about going to get together and meetings, I lied about meeting people there. I made up story after story about where I am, where I was, who I was, just to win sympathy from people, or to escape scrutiny.
-I did anything possible, to keep people from finding out the truth. Without regard to anyone who I might be hurting. I did it so much, and so often, that this has taken SIX years to come to this. And even now people are starting to doubt or question if I am bad as I am. Or If I had been "Hacked" or whatever. No, I am bad. I am a shithead. I did do all these things because in my mind I thought it was right. I did them on purpose.

One thing I have to make clear, again, is that none of the people that I've hurt, or mislead, are dumb, or naive, or gullible, for falling for these things I did. No one would go to the extent that I have gone to make a lie, true. No one is expecting someone to do this to them. No one should ever have someone do this to them. It is not in any way their fault and it makes me feel terrible that people would blame them for being "easily fooled."

There's no way I make it up to any of these people. And that is not the reason I am posting these to begin with. The portions of their lives where I was in it, are gone. They can't get that back, they can't have back wasted time. They can't repair the damage to their trust from me. They're going to always have it in the back of their minds whenever they meet anyone else now. I am lucky to be financially stable, the littlest reparation I can do is at least pay people for their wasted time, wasted effort, wasted money, wasted travel, wasted all things. Therapy? If they elect it, sure. Whatever it may be.

I just want people to understand I'm not trying to "bounce back," I am not looking for forgiveness. I'm not looking to go back to the way things were. In fact there is nothing to go back to. The last decade of my life has been erased. I want to start over in some way. But I don't think it should be here. I'm not going to leave this site until things are right, regardless. I'm not trying to run away.

Though it's a minor thing in light of all this. There are also people voicing concern about commissions; trades. I am not going to just bail on people without working out something they are happy with. If they want the art, they can have it. It they want some sort of compensation. They may also have that.

I know that there are some people who are going to read this, and still feel compassion or sympathy for me, please even if you do, (And I don't think you should. But I'm not here to say how you feel about things, or your capacity for sympathy or empathy.) Please though, keep it quiet. For the people who I've hurt, nothing is going to hurt them more than seeing people "accept" me or say it's alright. If you really do feel for me after all this somehow, make me work for it, and make me earn your trust.

Despite all this, some people thoughtlessly gushed:

I've got respect for him, because the person he portrays online is an extremely likable, friendly, sociable persona, which says to me the person he WANTS to be is awesome. And he can be. He just needs to stop lying and being so ashamed of himself.
This person even drew giftart for Herro:

Edit: Gift art now deleted

you awesome!

You are a fantastic artist and i wish i knew you, but I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've too made mistakes. you are a wonderful person and you will always have friends who will be there for you.

I don't care what you are..we all adore you for being you!! we are not here to judge

Presumably thinking with their dicks since Herro draws furry porn.

Scandal! / Softpaw contributer arrested(?)
« on: November 02, 2012, 10:42:09 am »
Mizzyam is a furry artist who has contributed to Softpaw magazine (subject matter cub porn). Recently, someone claiming to be his sister posted this journal on his Inkbunny account:


Some Bad News
Hey... This is Mizzy's sister here. I've been given permission to access this account and I'm afraid I have some terrible news.

Mizzy will no longer be participating in online activities for an undetermined length of time. Unfortunately, I cannot tell anyone why, but something awful occurred the other day and those who are close to Mizzy and have been privy to his confessions will have a very good idea of what I;'m referring to. Everyone else, I have some things to inform you of.

Firstly, commissions are on hiatus indefinitely, possibly for good if what Mizzy is afraid will happen does indeed come to pass. However, to those whose pictures he may never get to finish, he will try to find some way to pay you back. I've been given access to his paypal account for the purpose of issuing refunds should it become necessary.

Secondly, all future commissions and projects he tells me he had lined up, are cancelled until further notice.

Some things he would like to note are as follows:

-He cannot be contacted as he no longer has access to a computer.

-He cannot be visited or called by anyone; this is apparently his own choice.

And finally, he wants to say that he knew and expected this day to come and accepts full responsibility for his actions. They were committed knowingly and repeatedly, as he tells me, for little more reason than to justify his own self-loathing.

He still firmly believes he deserves this, and as a result of recent events his depression and self-loathing have magnified immensely. He tells me his life is over, even if not physically, psychologically and emotionally it has. According to him, as soon as things are dealt with, and assuming he isn't locked away, he will never leave this house again or speak to anyone beyond its walls.

I am very worried for him, but I wrote all of this at his request so that people will not be forever wondering why he disappeared off the face of the world. He has told me he won't stop drawing, even if it ha to be on paper. So perhaps one day, if his "rights as a human being" are ever returned to him, he may be able to start posting again.

There is one last thing he wants me to say. He's sorry. Not for himself, but for what this may mean for all of you watching him. And for those that have commissioned him and have been wanting to. He is sorry that his self-loathing has caused him to lose the ability to do the only other thing that ever mattered to him any more aside from drawing for the sake of creation and expression; making all of you happy with the work he produced. Even if he himself never saw the worth in it like all of you did.

Mizzy won't be able to read any comments you may leave, but he has asked me to answer any questions there may be to the best of my abilities. Though I cannot divulge everything, I will try my hardest to alleviate any concerns or curiosities.

I'm sorry this happened as much as he is, because I have to witness the self-destructive downward spiral he has begun. I really hope things get better soon...

Some comments which got deleted:

If you visited portal of evil in the early 2000s you might remember otherkin along with therians, elves &c.

As that decade came and went, and especially as livejournal/usenet declined and the forums (tomorrowlands?) where they gathered fell victim to natural wastage, they became less visible or at least that is my perception.

However, they seem to now be re-grouping on Tumblr and even attracting new blood. Although at heart it is still the same lame old Fuck you I'm a dragon with a sad admixture of mental illness, marginalisation, alienation, wanting to belong to a group and too much RPGs and fantasy fiction.

In fact, otherkin seem to be so closely identified with Tumblr now, that some of them feel the need to protest that they're not "a tumblr thing":

Quote from: 10 otherkin truths
1. Otherkin are not a “Tumblr thing”.
The word “otherkin” started in the mid-1990s. Before that, the Silver Elves were writing about being elven in their “Magical Elven Love Letters”, a zine that was first released in 1979. This is before Arpanet was the internet available to people outside of military, meaning that otherkin in the modern sense, existed before the internet. Of course people in many cultures always identified this way, but, did not use the word, “otherkin”.

But the truth will out:

You know you’re otherkin/therian/nonhuman when…

Someone you follow reblogs from a blog that has your species in the URL, and you have to check out the blog, just to find out if they also are one of you…

Quote from: Swanblood
As a human ally, if you reblog a post by otherkin and try to teach people about us, people will be more likely to listen to you. Use ally power to spread sensible information about otherkin. If you can reblog the posts of people who don’t get it, and reply with sensible arguments, that helps a lot too!


A common response has always been where are all the cockroach otherkin?:

Quote from: Feathertail's otherkin FAQ
How come there aren't any cockroach- or naked mole rat-kin?

This question often comes up as a way to put otherkin in their place, so let's get it over with. Yes, most animals and mythical creatures that otherkin identify with are the "cool" ones.

There are two things to keep in mind here. First, otherkin often start on their journey to otherkin-ness by seeing a photo, or painting, or live example of their species that calls to them. Something that fills them with longing, or even with memories, and makes them yearn to live that creature's life.

Let's face it: there aren't a whole lot of chances for naked mole rat-kin to have that kind of experience. So if you want to blame someone, blame the world's artists and storytellers, for not depicting enough naked mole rats.

Second, otherkin aren't stuck identifying as the first species that calls to them. They might think they're a peregrine falcon at first, and then realize the tree swallow's closer to their heart. This doesn't mean they were wrong for choosing to identify as a falcon, earlier. It just means that they've found something more right for them. (Or even that they're both species at the same time.)

Personally, I've run across a combine harvester "machinekin." So I wouldn't rule anything out at this point.

We are, as this channel implies, a nexus of therians & otherkin, atheists, agnostics, Christians & New Agers, from all walks/characteristic modes of travel of this life & beyond, gathered here to share with you what our beliefs & precepts mean to us, & to ask questions & answer yours ; & question our answers, or to question further questions in pertinence to contradicting answers, & otherwise vlog & rant and engage in variegated forms of discourse, rational or otherwise, seriously or otherwise, & to have fun and grow and regress & write in description boxes.

Otherkin are opressed just like LGBTQ people are

“WAIT. She can’t identify that way! She’s too FAT to be an Elf!”

And the motherlode:

ImvuAffinity / Pinkuh is finally forced out by or as a result of Sciggles
« on: February 28, 2012, 12:55:04 pm »
The swivel-eyed obese creature known as Pinkuh has lost her FA IRC channel ops and is now completely quit of being FA staff. She resigned as an admin some time ago, but clung onto ops in the FA irc channel so she could still have some targets for her piggy tantrums. Her journal:

Quote from: Pinkuh
I am no longer part of FA staff at all in any way shape form or fashion!

so long and godspeed!

From the comments:

Quote from: Pommyn64
Considering your track record, thank god.
Quote from: Pommyn64
Now we just need to take care of the fact that a fiance is in a position of considerable power without being qualified for it.

Pinkuh's response:

Yeah well, that's what got me removed from staff.

People thought I didn't fight the good fight, but you know? A lot of my track record was created by Dragoneer specifically so he could have a focus on something other then him when the bad calls had to be made. When I was finally no longer part of the main site staff (by my own choice) he didn't have that wall anymore and it just about broke him. All The focus on the site being fucked turned from me to him.

Now it's turned from him to Sciggles, so he has his shield... we will see how long this keeps up.

I'm liking the fact she claims that Dragoneer created her track record so as to distract people from how awful he was. No, I think she was and is solely responsible for her awful reputation, and the idea that not having her as an admin "broke" him is nonsense: he was always broken.

A stopped clock is right twice a day, so it is no surprise that Pinkuh wanted Sciggles out and given that Sciggles is now riding high in the saddle no surprise that it was the little-loved Pinkuh who was pushed out.

Scandal! / HIV outbreak @ Elliot's
« on: February 20, 2012, 04:04:19 am »

Apparently the infection did not in fact happen at Elliot's

Please see this post:,585.msg6468.html#msg6468

Previous thread about Elliot's events:,388.0.html (features the ever charming sex tent, which is not a navigational instrument )

Unprotected sexual intercourse at Elliots winter carnival/gathering has resulted in an HIV outbreak:!/SammyFoxArt/status/171452104270024704

Quote from: DJSammehfox
EDIT 4: If you are sexually active it is intelligent to be tested regularly. Remember that condoms are made for a reason. I know if feels better without one but its not worth what can happen if you dont where one. Be smart and be safe in every situation.

EDIT3: For people whe are angry that I don't have 100% of the info, sorry to be rude but look I posted this to potentially help peole. Either you are in danger and should get tested or not so don't badger me with questions when I'm just trying to help.

EDIT2: I have removed the name of them event from the journal and have hidden comments realted to the name. I had no intention of blaming the event in any way. If you have had sexual activity with someone within the recent past I strongly urge you to get yourself tested.

this is not a joke. I encourage everyone in the central Florida area to read this. Some friends of mine have informed me that they have learned of a handful of people who attended ____ recently that after being sexually active with people at the event who just found out they had HIVHIV. No names will be said but if you have been sexually active with anyone at the event or since then, especially unprotected I highly encourage you to get tested. I understand that it takes awhile but i urge you to get tested in a couple of months.

Please spread the word to any people you may know that could have possibly been sexually exposed to anyone with HIV. It is really important that you guys get tested if you have any possiblity. There are several centers around Orlando that will test you for free and the sooner you catch it the better chance you have of treatement and the fewer people you will infect.

Please please spread this around. Sorry for the intense title but I just felt like I really needed to get everyones attention.

Edit: For those who informed me that it takes 3 months for tests to be positive, yes I have recontacted my friend and I have been informed that the infected were sexually active with people at this event but contracted it earlier. So people are still in danger.

Quote from: Shakko13
To those who are freaking out about the HIV/AIDS scare...

It's not a hoax. 4chan has nothing to do with this.

It's not a misleading story of revenge, scare tactics or anything.

I'm the one. I tested positive for HIV Friday night. I've freaked out and I've cried and panicked. Word got to my ex, who told the person who originally posted the journal, which caused this shitstorm.

I'm not trying to cause a scare. Just get tested. I did, because I thought it was a good idea.

I learned the nightmare was real. I'm sorry if this scared anyone.

Calm down and get tested as soon as possible. There are places that test for free, and that's where I went.

Just calm down about it, everyone. Yes, I have it. No, I'm not spreading it to anyone else. It's game over for me. I hope everyone else is safe. I really hope that it doesn't go too far, but I fear the worst.

ImvuAffinity / Sciggles makes new rules about Sonic the hedgehog
« on: February 08, 2012, 04:51:10 pm »
Sciggles is helping.

Sciggles is helping Furaffinity.

Sciggles is helping Furaffinity by inventing rules about how Sonic the hedgehog should be depicted when in erotic situations. She has even seen fit to provide illustrations:

Quote from: Sciggles

- I am by no means a decent Sonic artist, I have tried to keep close to the original style as possible. You do not have to draw it the same way/style I do. What is important is the text and guidelines. I figured a drawing might help as well.

- Please also note that this does not affect General-rated Sonic art -- only art rated Mature and Adult.

We understand that it has become an issue regarding Sonic art, so I drafted up a guideline. I worked it out with the other admins on what we look for with Mature/Adult Sonic art. This is based off of the very few adult Sonic characters I could find, as well as examples by other artists (which I will link below).

First let me say that if you draw Mature/Adult Sonic art in your own style (instead of canon) it will follow the normal guidelines for Furry art instead of Sonic rules. We will also be making a diagram for that very soon.

We look for things which would qualify the character to more mature ("aged up") compared to how they appear in the games and on the show.

-Head and eyes appear smaller in proportion compared
-Torso becomes smaller in proportion and legs become more elongated.
-Legs need to be longer than the arms.
-For Females: Curves (hourglass) to the torso unless heavyset. Breast size IS NOT a factor in this as even minors develop breasts.
-For Males: Torso becomes less rounded, lengthier and defined.
-Feet and hands become more proportionate to the body, not as large as they appear on original.

These are guidelines to hopefully bring a better understanding to users AND admins. There will still be images that will be borderline, and this will not work for every style and for every artist. We will leave those issues to the discretion of the administration, and we ask that you work with us on those issues.

If anything has been wrongfully deleted we sincerely apologize, as we understand that he rule has been vague. We hope the guidelines will help to keep things enforced equally, and we're working to bring more clarity to the rules.

Samples of what we consider properly aged up sonic art (compared with child image

Sciggles states on her FA profile that "I work 2 jobs, art being my 3rd on the side and I am almost always busy with something": now we know that "something" includes thinking very hard about sonic the hedgehog porn.

Sciggles also posted the image and rules on her own FA account:

See Princess Piche and Sciggles micromanage FA on a comment by comment basis.

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