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Also, in this exchange on twitter over FA's lack of transparency viz. the staff page which has been down for "redesign" for months:

Dragoneer claims that It's being redesigned to encourage people to use tickets, NOT message admins/mods directly, however as the evidence here demonstrates, in many cases, the only way to get your tickets answered *is* to contact admins/mods directly.

ImvuAffinity / Re: FA United Guest of Honour treated badly
« on: May 04, 2015, 03:59:02 am »
Staff at FA United get treated badly as well.  A comment on the most recent FA news journal announcing FA United 2015:

Quote from: Stormychang
see.. this would be fun to do again.. except that i have a feeling i'll STILL not be on any official staff for the game room like i was promised after my first year volunteering with it in 2013. and then promised again when i again helped out in 2014. but i suppose i shouldn't expect as much. as my roommate who has been working at the game room (and been promised he's on staff and get staff benefits) for waaaay longer than i have, has been lied to and denied staff benefits with the exception of some badge.

Naturally Dragoneer has ignored the comment, while declaring on twitter that:

Quote from: Dragoneer
FAU is one of the things I want to keep going BECAUSE I love the community.

It's a shame he doesn't love the community enough to treat staff or guests of honour properly.

ImvuAffinity / Re: New UI "Beta" is a half finished mess - The Sequel
« on: April 27, 2015, 11:31:06 am »
It seems that the sidebar was required of FA by IMVU:

Note that in one comment Yak referred to "our supervisors":

Quote from: Yak
we were required to add two additional advertisement slots to the site, one sized 728x90 and another 336x280; with a condition that they have to be in the default viewable area upon page load (above the fold) [...]  We are also communicating with our supervisors trying to find alternative, more accommodating solution altogether.

I don't remember Dragoneer mentioning anything about supervisors.

From the FA twitter, supposedly it's all going to be reversed now:

Quote from: furaffinity
We've heard you. Changes to submissions will be reverted. No more sidebar or square ad. Changes will be completed sometime today.

Also, I saw this comment on twitter which, I think, sums up Dragoneer now:

Quote from: Vahnfox
Sad thing is Neer has gone from having the claim to fame of "The Guy Who Owned FA" to the infamy of "The Guy Who Sold FA"

ImvuAffinity / Re: New UI "Beta" is a half finished mess - The Sequel
« on: April 14, 2015, 06:43:39 am »
In the UI Beta, you cannot edit your submissions. You can delete them, but not change their tags, rating or edit the description.

This problem was noted on April 6th and Dragoneer stated that it would be fixed "tomorrow" (i.e April 7th):

It still has not been fixed.

A big (ha ha) problem with the UI is that everything is too big, esp. the huge font. On April the 5th Dragoneer promised this would be fixed "tomorrow" (i.e April 6th):

It still has not been fixed.

In fact Dragoneer simply stopped replying to comments, on the Furaffinity UI early beta journal, after April 5th.

The journal currently has over 2000 comments and he's ignoring it.

What has Dragoneer been doing since April 5th? He's been playing the MMORPG Elder Scrolls online:

Over the past few weeks he's been tweeting about that game a lot.

He claimed to be "rather busy" on April 12th:

But doing what? He hasn't been working on the UI and people are still complaining about TTs and E-mails going unanswered. He didn't attend the FWA convention either.


Quote from: Tanek_Woofer
[...] all of my tickets are still labeled as open as far back as 2011 [...]

ImvuAffinity / Re: FA sold to 11 year old commercial internet game
« on: March 30, 2015, 04:29:05 pm »
This is interesting, the first time I've seen someone try going over Dragoneer's head to IMVU, two shouts from his page:

Dragoneer chose to interpret that as a threat (despite the person saying it wasn't) and left two shouts on that persons page:

Quote from: Dragoneer
I've passed your ticket up. In the mean time, please don't threaten me. IMVU is aware there is a ticket backlog and we're working on it.

Quote from: Dragoneer
We are working to close the backlog and have brought on new mods to help. IMVU is aware of that.

ImvuAffinity / Re: Staff Changes Megathread
« on: March 30, 2015, 09:56:24 am »
Looks like this may be one of the new anonymous admin accounts which staff are hiding behind in order to reduce transparency and accountability:

However whoever is using it is allegedly already fucking up:

FA admins not being familiar with the FA rules? Well at least that's business as usual after the IMVU takeover.

ImvuAffinity / Re: FA staff give up on answering trouble tickets
« on: March 29, 2015, 07:30:15 am »
The history book on the shelf
Is always repeating itself

ImvuAffinity / Re: FA staff give up on answering trouble tickets
« on: March 27, 2015, 10:03:57 am »

ImvuAffinity / Re: FA staff give up on answering trouble tickets
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:51:52 am »
Dragoneer's shouts:

ImvuAffinity / Re: FA sold to 11 year old commercial internet game
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:48:19 am »
Can these guys really be that dense?

Kyoujin's extremely lengthy reply there is interesting, I think, because it illustrates the attitude of the FA staff who are loyal to Dragoneer and stick around down the years, and of people who relentlessly defend/brown-nose Dragoneer.

He really is that dense and repeatedly blames "conspiracy theories", declares that there just aren't enough people willing to volunteer as admins because of "trolls" and mindlessly defends FA's set up without ever questioning how Dragoneer let it get like that, and simply asserts that FA will always be as bad as it currently is, and flatly states at the end that he won't respond to any further comments because what he's said is the truth and that is that:

Quote from: Kyoujin
There's not enough people who truly want to help, or they aren't willing to step out into the crossfire because they're afraid if they help, they'll be targeted by trolls [...]

These conspiracy theorists will never be satisfied. People just LOVE to play the blame game. That's why people attack the site and start conspiracies [...] they just make up their own conspiracies. Hell, I've heard plenty of ridiculous conspiracies about the site [...]

IMVU is not going to ruin the site. Our new system is going to improve our huge issues with tickets, and things will be much better. However, it takes time.. and sadly, people aren't patient, and again, people like to point fingers and create drama. That's how it always is, and how it always will be.

[...] nothing I, or anyone else says, will change how people want to think.

[...] If you want to reply to my comment, that's fine, just please don't take anything out of context. I may or may not read the response, but either way I probably wont' respond [...] There's not much more reason for me to respond again because, I put up the truth

Kyoujin's ignorant claims about people being afraid to volunteer for FA is contradicted by evidence such as this staff recruitment journal where hundreds of people demonstrate interest and state they've applied and no one says "Gee, I'd love to apply but I'm afraid of trolls":

I think the repeatedly invocation of conspiracy theories demonstrates his absolutely contempt for, ignorance of and disconnect from the FA community and his bootlicking loyalty to Dragoneer. There are so many documented fuck ups, failures, lies &c. of Dragoneer documented in this forum and all Koujin can do is to invoke conspiracy theories and blame people for wanting to be disgusted with how FA is run, as if Dragoneer's constant fuck ups were non-existent:

"nothing I, or anyone else says, will change how people want to think".

Sadly, If he ever becomes aware of this post I believe he'd simply take it as "ugh, those damn dirty trolls hatin' on the FA staff and inventing conspiracy theories" and never stop to think that Dragoneer doesn't have to run FA as he does.

Last thought I had: If one is talking about conspiracy theories, surely Dragoneer's selling FA to IMVU and keeping it a secret for several months is closer to a genuine conspiracy (against the community and users) than anything anyone else has come up with.

ImvuAffinity / Re: FA sold to 11 year old commercial internet game
« on: March 24, 2015, 09:20:36 am »
one Onta (26,000+ watchers, operates numerous furry and non-furry pay-sites) made a journal saying:

Quote from: Onta
I have no fucking idea what's going on with this IMVU bullshit but if you like the art on my gallery you should start saving it now. I have zero interest in policing the IMVU fuckery and even less interest in having my art & content leverage imvu fuckery.

Get this shit handled NOW or deal with people ditching your site.

Cue more discussion of the IMVU art theft issues and crap damage control from Dragoneer:


Also, I think Dragoneer's stilted cargo-cult pr attempts are getting worse and worse:

Quote from: Dragoneer

We're working directly with artists who violate IMVU policy. Worry not. When users report art theft to me that takes place on IMVU I'm working directly with the artists to help file reports against the users who stole art.

But in the unfortunate reality, any marketplace where users can submit this kind of content is prone to theft -- be it eBay, Amazon, Redbubble and more. This isn't an IMVU-specific issue, but the difference is I work for IMVU, and part of my goals is easing the issues for artists.

"Worry not"? "But in the unfortunate reality"? It's like he's communicating in Engrish from a 90s Mega Drive game or something.

A response to Dragoneer:

Quote from: Runefox
That is unfortunate. It's also unfortunate that your employers are actively working against artists who are trying to even see if their art has been stolen in the AP section by refusing to even allow them to browse it without paying, providing their SSN, credit card in-name and photo ID. Not to mention the only method for takedown is DMCA, which is the least possible effort required by law to police copyright.

Most sites, including Amazon, offer a way to report products for various reasons, but IMVU does not. Even flagging (which accomplishes little) requires an account on the site, which many artists don't want. And to top it all off, some of this stuff has been on there for years, and a lot of it violates IMVU's own ToS. That should go to show you how much they actually care about policing their store, at least not so long as they continue to make money from it.

And from the FA forums, Dragoneer admits that even as an IMVU employee he can't do anything about rampant art theft and how IMVU handles it + "we're working on it":

Quote from: Dragoneer
IMVU is aware of the issue that their requirements to register to view adult content is causing some artists. I do not have a good answer. Suffice to say, some parts of my day are spent browsing looking for copyright content, and I will be contacting artists I can identify and let them know how to get their content removed.

I've never been for art theft. I'm an artist, my wife's an artist, pretty much all of my friends and family are. I get there are some issues now, but we are working on trying to smooth them out.


Quote from: Dragoneer
I've posted in a lot of journals to help discuss and relay issues to users.


ImvuAffinity / Re: Staff Changes Megathread
« on: March 22, 2015, 05:37:56 am »
Someone posted on a list of all the people which is everyone in FA's staff group call. Someone in the thread who said they talked to an FA forums mod thought the list was accurate (but including people who are no longer on staff, presumably because the skype group hasn't been updated):

Actually this list is probably accurate but includes folk who are removed too. I say that because a former fa forum mod mentioned to me that there was a thread in the staff-only section that waccoon was gonna help them with some tech stuff. And im certain waccoon nor anyone else has mentioned that elsewhere.

An ex-fa admin in the thread, summercat, stated that Sciggles forced the skype group calls on the staff. (Not sure)

Some unfamiliar names on there. Cooper-tom is someone who sometimes wears the fender fursuit at conventions and who is a personal friend of Dragoneer, I believe.

ImvuAffinity / Re: FA staff give up on answering trouble tickets
« on: March 21, 2015, 06:20:50 pm »
At this difficult time Fur Affinity©2015 IMVU is continuing its policy of not responding to e-mails or trouble tickets:

ImvuAffinity / Re: FA sold to 11 year old commercial internet game
« on: March 21, 2015, 06:19:03 pm »
An interesting comment (check out the stuff about IMVU being a "lean" company!) which has been doing the rounds on twitter, I don't know where it is located on FA though:

(Oh, and hiya again, y'all. Yes; I know most of the details behind the transfer of FA over to Sean in the first place, too - and right back to the start on FA1 - but that's another story which other parties probably don't wish to be dragged out again.)

Oh! How wonderful to see you again. I found that little book you sent me, long ago, recently when I was sorting out my books.

Heck, a couple of days in and he's still not even getting the meatshield admins to help put up a concerted "defense"

From what I've seen over the past few years, he can't get them to do that any more. The only one I've seen stick her head above the parapets in the past year or so is one Quoting Mungo (who sticks to the blandest and easiest things). Chase styles himself "Über Admin" & "Dragoneer's First Officer" on his FA profile:

And even more grandly: "Director of FA" on his twitter profile, and yet I've not seen him say anything about this current IMVU thing or indeed anything admin'y in public for a long time.

An interesting little thing is that Chase has abused his admin powers to give himself a custom avatar which is over 500kb in size (the limit for everyone else being 550kb):

while that might be considered a mere bagatelle I feel it indicates what qualities he brings to the table as the "Uber admin" of the site. I'm sure a lean company won't be happy with persons of such quality.


Chase also gave his own boyfriend a rules breaking 301kb avatar:

So the 2nd in command of IMVU's FA is someone who breaks the sites rules for himself and his BF. Good job.

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