Author Topic: Blacklist for "rape-positive" art proposed by artist owning $995 of commisions  (Read 1085 times)

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Arcanethewoof proposed, on Weasyl, making a website blacklisting artists who make "rape-positive material or support rape-positivity" with the stated intent of depriving them of exposure and commissions.  He also said that he favoured expanding the remit of the site to cover racism and misogyny.

He deleted the submission and journal relating to this matter after a few days, but there is a screenshot. Arcanethewoof is an artist and owes $995 worth of commissions he failed to do, to various people. This all happened at the end of August, but someone gave me a screencap of it now.

At length:

One arcanethewoof posted a journal on Weasyl (now deleted) where he posted private messages between himself and an artist who had drawn a furry porn comic featuring rape. In the PMs Arcane said that furry porn with non-consensual sex is "glorifying rape", "reinforces the idea that rape can be Okay" and said that he wanted non-consensual material removed from the furry community. The artist had responded in the PMs by explaining that he had been sexually assaulted himself, and said that furry porn images are not real and that Arcanethewoof cannot speak for all sexual assault victims.

In the journal, after having quoted the PMs, Arcane explained that none of the artists points needed rebutting and accused the artist of a "total lack of human empathy".

In the comments section of the journal Arcane said that he would privately message people with the artists name in order to deprive the artist of business, followers, favourites etc. Some people disagreed with him in the comments: including sexual assault victims, prompting Arcane to wail: "What bothers me most right now is that so many sexual assault victims are rising up in defence of this artist" and he then accused victims of sexual assault who disagreed with him of being "self-obsessed".

Off the back of that journal Arcane then proposed making a blacklist/whitelist website, making a submission on weasyl with a picture of proposed website:

Quote from: Arcanethewoof
It is a simple database site that maintains three lists:

A Whitelist, which is where you can find verified safe creators. Individuals on the whitelist have been confirmed to have galleries completely free of rape-positive material. If they're on the whitelist, and you find them online, you're safe.

A Blacklist, which is where artists who are known to produce rape-positive material or support rape-positivity in general are listed. This list is maintained using reports by users; the site will require evidence of some kind to list a user here, so it will be fairly maintained.

A community solidarity page, which is where you can find consumers who have committed to using the site; members of the community are committed to steadfastly refusing to watch, follow, fav, share, or purchase anything by an artist on the Blacklist page. The purpose of the community page is to give pause to artists who claim that they produce the material for the sake of business: artists will be able to see all of the customers they will lose by being blacklisted on FARE Trade.

Pls. note, as said, submission is now deleted, however there is a screenshot of the submission and all the comments here:

A further twist in the tale is that Arcane is an artist himself, and took on commissions to the value of $995: he was desperate for cash, living paycheck to paycheck and spent all the money before he'd done the commissions, and failed to complete them and doesn't have enough money to pay back his commissioners. He had a submission up on weasyl, linking to a youtube video where he explained these things, but he deleted the Weasyl submission and the Youtube video and it is now unknown whether or not he will ever do the commissions or pay the money back.


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these kids who think that removing non-con art will fix everything really fucking crack me up

i guess with cub porn defeated and nobody buying faux-outrage over fursuit porn they had to think of something else to ineffectively shit themselves over
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