Author Topic: Greetings, CYD Members!  (Read 2681 times)


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Greetings, CYD Members!
« on: April 01, 2010, 01:20:54 am »
Greetings, visitors from CrushYiffDestroy!

Do not be alarmed; although CYD has been officially purchased by Vivworks, LLC, and shut down, we here at Vivisector welcome all CYD members into the Viv fold. Over the next few days, a number of CYD's blog posts and older articles will be integrated into our blog, and we hope that you, too, will choose to integrate with our forums. Please be sure to read the
rules thread; though I'm certain you'll find our policies to be quite similar to what you are used to from CYD, although our admins tend to have a lower tolerance for certain kinds
of nonsense.

We hope you will make Vivisector your new home on the Internet for entertainment through critical examination of the 'Furry' fetish subculture. Enjoy your stay!