Author Topic: SeiRruf: 173 social-media accounts, and no content  (Read 667 times)


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SeiRruf: 173 social-media accounts, and no content
« on: November 23, 2013, 10:23:49 am »
in something resembling the grand tradition of the Awful Link, I give you, official home of "SeiRruf MalaWolSki":
(click to expand, dumbasses)

I found out about this guy through twitter, of course:
@SeiRruf: #FunFact My Server makes a varied Hz "Beep" sound for every time a page is accessed, or used. #omg #hahawhy #annoyme

A few minutes later, he posts this, along with a link to a screenshot that I unfortunately didn't save:
@SeiRruf: Maybe tweeting that wasn't the wisest idea. My computer has become a musical 8-BIT DJ OMG STOP REFRESHING

Gee, y'think? Posting "hey, hit my webserver and make it beep" on a public Internet full of potential attackers is foolish?

Just about the only thing actually worth noting here is the Internet-controllable LED sign, which is actually pretty cool, but again, anyone can control it, and I don't think the guy really understands what that means, or that there are other programmers out there.

Finally, I don't know what a MalaWolSki is, but in the real world, a malamute-husky-wolf hybrid is called "a mutt".

I'd write a longer article, but the only real content on this site is a PHP function to generate random data (totally better than any of the ones in the library), on a pastebin, protected by a captcha whose 10 possible answers are "Sei0", "Sei1", "Sei2" I'd use his pastebin, but then he'd probably scream about how I broke his captcha. :)
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