Author Topic: People still use mailing lists.  (Read 839 times)


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People still use mailing lists.
« on: March 10, 2013, 03:03:39 pm »
Quote from: some community mailing list
well hello there if you case you guys forgot about who i am i, i am alan or alansoftbelly90 on FA and i  am trying to help out a friend who wants to move here to be close to his mate for a while because well my friend and his mate both come from an abusive homophobic religious furry hating families. His mate lives here and his mate lives in Virgina well i let this piece of info tell you,

"Hullo everyone. I'm a small bear who just recently escaped an abusive homophobic religious furry hating family. I'm staying with a friend until sometime in the summer and was wondering if by then if Id be able to stay with someone in or very close to Las Cruces so I can take care of my mate while he finishes high school. I'd keep to myself if I need to and hold my own until December where ill leave to somewhere else. I don't want to be a burden..but my mate really needs me there.and I also need.a place.temporarily until sometime in December...

This sort of story is weirdly common among furries. Some form of external persecution is causing them to have to bounce off of someone's couch for an unspecified amount of time. Now they want to move to a new place to get to their online ~mate~, and their friend says they need your help (so they can bounce off of your couch for an unspecified amount of time, break up with their ~mate~, find something external to be persecuted by, and… the cycle goes on.)
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Re: People still use mailing lists.
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2013, 04:26:05 pm »
The prevalence is mostly due to demographics, I suppose.

I'm sure there is *a bit* of truth to his story -- his parents probably told him he can't download any more furry porn or caught him trying to fuck the household pet. There are too many keywords in there for me to buy it at face value, though.