Author Topic: Las Pegasus Unicon Explodes in Massive Ponysplosion  (Read 1081 times)


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Las Pegasus Unicon Explodes in Massive Ponysplosion
« on: March 03, 2013, 09:45:46 pm »
Las Pegasus Unicon, which was, what, the 50 millionth ponycon to pop out of the wordwork, has violently fallen apart as no other convention ever has.  The organizers, who appear to be two mysterious rednecks with a past history of scamming the local pagan community, have vanished myseriously with all the money. These criminal geniuses snowed the entire pony community and also, apparently, Hasbro -- who threw some major money at them.  Meanwhile, the hotel has moved to recoup its losses by confiscating all the art of fluttershy's vagina from the dealers' room. The con was supposed to pay for the rooms of the voice actors and VIPs. When it didn't, all the VIPs got tossed out on the street.  The same thing happened to all the bronies who signed up for con rate rooms, but now are being told they have to pay the full rate. Oh, and apparently all the con staff were told to pay expsenses out of pocket and expect reimbursement after the con. That does not appear to be happening.

Also, when you entered the con, you could exchange your real money for WACKY PONY FUNNY MONEY, which you then used to buy goods and services.


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