Author Topic: Furries, freaks and the Fall  (Read 1799 times)


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Furries, freaks and the Fall
« on: October 31, 2007, 04:06:27 pm »
The Chicago club scene went furry for one night this week.  Very slight mention in Time Out Chicago.

Then Monday 29, on the misunderstood subculture front, the Boom Boom Room’s annual Black i Ball turns to a “Furry Fandom” theme for one night only—as in folks dressed up in furry animal costumes—with house jocks Diz and Michael Serafini running the show. There’s a costume station for the lazybones out there.

A very few furries participated in the event, one loaning out a partial suit for the night.  More entertaining was Time Out's furry mention from a couple weeks ago.

Dressing up like a stuffed animal to get it on makes this set warm in its fuzzy parts. Though not all animal-obsessed furries are into the scene for sex, some folks wear full-suit costumes with strategic holes—so that woodpeckers can peck, for instance.

Are furries slowly hitting the mainstream?
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