Author Topic: "New" feature touted in site notice has existed for nearly 6 months  (Read 578 times)


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FurAffinity conveniently decided to post a site notice yesterday that included the "NEW!" opt-in SSL feature that was enabled last month. Since that alone is kind of lame, they needed to announce something else along with it. They chose to mention how social media sites interact with FA.

NEW! Social Media Improvements
We recently added an update on to include improved previews when sharing links on Facebook and Twitter. Links on social media will now include a preview of the submission for General rated submissions.

Except it's not new at all. This functionality has existed since April, as evidenced by this tweet from Princess Piche himself, posted on April 3rd. Earlier tweets do not have the preview. I recall people posting about Facebook functioning the same way around the same time that people noticed the twitter thing back in the spring.

With lie crafting skills like these, Piche really ought to look at getting a job with one of the presidential campaigns.