Author Topic: Midwest Furfest chastized for "Two rooms per person" policy  (Read 861 times)


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Midwest Furfest chastized for "Two rooms per person" policy
« on: April 16, 2016, 11:27:20 pm »
Hotel reservations for Midwest Furfest 2016 opened at noon Saturday, and by 12:26 all the rooms had sold out (though some users suggest it happened in a mere three minutes.) This ignited a firestorm on Twitter, with many people complaining that they filled out the reservation form only to find out their rooms had been swiped from underneath them by someone who filled out the form faster. Apparently, the website did not hold your room for you as you checked out, unlike other conventions.

@midwestfurfest in the future, if someone is actively checking out, the system should hold the room till they are done. At least for 5 min!

To make matters worse, Midwest Furfest has a rather ridiculous "Two rooms per person" policy. No, you read that right, everyone can reserve two rooms (assuming you get the chance to reserve a room at all) if that's what you want to do. This policy, combined with the lack of nonrefundable deposit/free cancellation, seemingly encourages people to hoard rooms, as a check of the reservations website indicates that rooms are reserved for every day they were made available, extending multiple days before and after the convention is actually held.

Further complicating things is that convention registration won't even open for a month. This comes just weeks after Midwest Furfest's con chair defended Furry Weekend Atlanta's claims that people who booked rooms but didn't attend the con cost the con $42,000. It seems to me like encouraging people to reserve hotel rooms before registration is even open would encourage people to ghost the convention.

The quest for a competently-run convention continues...