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Other Topics / Grand Sierra Resort (BLFC hotel) bans guest animals
« on: May 08, 2016, 09:22:30 am »
In a recent update to their pet policy, effective May 1st, the BLFC hotel banned dogs.

Convenient timing?? Monolithic Anti-zoophile Conspiracy?? Who knows?‽??‽‽!!!‽!

Other Topics / FC2016: business as usual
« on: January 17, 2016, 04:35:09 pm »
It's that time of year again, when the furries descend upon the San Jose downtown area in the midst of volleyball players and other random events. This time, it's the fighting-game tournament "Genesis 3". The crowds are actually meshing pretty well, considering.

The worst part of the con is that that they somehow managed to supremely screw up printing pre-reg badges, and nobody at reg knew what was going on — I got switched between lines several times, and it took about 90 minutes to get everything sorted out.

Klingons still throw phenomenal parties, fursuiters still carry loudspeakers and blast music, and astoundingly, we've only had one elevator breakdown, to my current knowledge. In short, The Furry has settled into its post-adolescent stage, and nobody seems to have noticed or cared. Congratulations, we've made it.

News Media / Dr Phil wants furries on his show.
« on: January 10, 2014, 03:34:04 pm »
This is a mindless info dump, because I'm too lazy to do any actual research. Fill in the rest of this later:

<theresa>  Twitter  @Trysdyn:   Ladies and gentlemen, our sucker on the Dr Phil furry calvacade of fail.                                                                                               

Not pictured: the animated gif avatar of a fox miming the act of sticking something in its mouth.

Site Updates / Who To Ask About Name Changes
« on: January 03, 2014, 05:09:29 pm »
Today, I got this PM from someone who is now named BaconQuicheWithSpinach:
Username change
« Sent to: Pi on: Today at 06:22:22 »

Hi, just wondering who I can contact if I want to get my username changed. Thanks.

You have now used up your one free name-change. Thanks for flying Vivisector!

Stan Sakai is facing tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills to care for his wife, who is suffering from a long-term illness. As if this was not enough heartbreak, yesterday came the news that his 20-month-old grandson passed away in his sleep.

Stan has done more than just about anyone to promote our Fandom. He has stood behind us, defended us, and helped introduce us to a skeptical mainstream. Furry Fandom could not have come this far without him. There is nothing we can do to ease the pain of his loss, but we can do our part to help take his mind off of the worries of the mounting bills so that he and his family can deal with this terrible tragedy.

The Comic Art Professional Society is collecting donations for the Sakais. If you would like to help, there is a Paypal link at

Sad news aside (losing a child is never a fun thing, and I can't honestly be mean about it), who the fuck is this guy? (Edit: apparently, he's relatively famous for having started a comic franchise. Clearly the sort that needs donations from a fandom that's known for being made up of people who live beyond their means.) I've been hanging around this furry lot for some stupidly long amount of time, and I have no clue who this guy is or why we should donate to help pay off his medical bills. If I were feeling less charitable in this holiday season, this would be making my scam alerts go off. Instead, I'll just point out how furries will donate towards any cause, if you pitch it as "it helps promote furries, honest".

FA's active users over a day (graphed by an external source):

Weasyl has two graphs:

My interpretation of these graphs is that Weasyl only has 500 or so visitors per hour, but across a day, it's a different 500 users, leading up to a total of 5000 unique viewers a day. Hey, look, they're already competitive with FA.

Other Topics / Plans for FC2014?
« on: December 11, 2013, 08:38:31 am »
Since I had such an awful time hanging out at FC2013 with Kindrift, I'm going again this year. I suppose some other vivisectors might be going as well. Let's have a thread for that, and see if we can maybe disorganize an official VivCorp/MAFC* meetup. It'll be nice to see some of you fine people in (as the NSA would put it) RW.

* monolithic anti furry conspiracy

News Media / NSA spies on furries, gamers, via SL
« on: December 09, 2013, 10:05:40 am »

From we also learn that they are doing similar spycraft on WoW and other MMORPGs. What the christ?

This is just boggling, really. The whole surveillance-state has gotten out of hand if they think furries are worth tracking.

Antisocial Networking / [meta] there was a post here
« on: November 25, 2013, 08:14:41 am »
It was even about weasyl, but the only person who reacted to it was Sage Freehaven, and he filled irc with a cubic butt-ton of noise. The monolithic anti furry conspiracy appears to have deleted the post, and I didn't get a chance to read it - not that I want to, because the way Freehaven reacted told me everything I needed to know.

On the other hand, maybe furry actually needs a boring site…

Other Topics / SeiRruf: 173 social-media accounts, and no content
« on: November 23, 2013, 10:23:49 am »
in something resembling the grand tradition of the Awful Link, I give you, official home of "SeiRruf MalaWolSki":
(click to expand, dumbasses)

I found out about this guy through twitter, of course:
@SeiRruf: #FunFact My Server makes a varied Hz "Beep" sound for every time a page is accessed, or used. #omg #hahawhy #annoyme

A few minutes later, he posts this, along with a link to a screenshot that I unfortunately didn't save:
@SeiRruf: Maybe tweeting that wasn't the wisest idea. My computer has become a musical 8-BIT DJ OMG STOP REFRESHING

Gee, y'think? Posting "hey, hit my webserver and make it beep" on a public Internet full of potential attackers is foolish?

Just about the only thing actually worth noting here is the Internet-controllable LED sign, which is actually pretty cool, but again, anyone can control it, and I don't think the guy really understands what that means, or that there are other programmers out there.

Finally, I don't know what a MalaWolSki is, but in the real world, a malamute-husky-wolf hybrid is called "a mutt".

I'd write a longer article, but the only real content on this site is a PHP function to generate random data (totally better than any of the ones in the library), on a pastebin, protected by a captcha whose 10 possible answers are "Sei0", "Sei1", "Sei2"… I'd use his pastebin, but then he'd probably scream about how I broke his captcha. :)

Some of us are giant nerds in our spare time, and so we play with things like the Twitter API. It turns out that there's a way to get Twitter to give you the full stream for an account: we see posts, replies, and when other people retweet things. So it's basically like looking at their Twitter client, only on IRC.

Of course, we point this at Dragoneer right off. Here's a sample:

<theresa>  Twitter  @Dragoneer: I have decided I need a pet alligator. I would take him on long walks, feed him yappy dogs... he'd be adorable.
<theresa>  Twitter  @GuyOthersome: @Dragoneer Name him Gummy.
<theresa>  Twitter  @Dark_Wolf_Gavin: RT @Dragoneer: I have decided I need a pet alligator. I would take him on long walks, feed him yappy dogs... he'd be adorable.
<theresa>  Twitter  @Remy__Wolf: @Dragoneer
<theresa>  Twitter  @CantercastShow: @Dragoneer would you name him gummy?
<theresa>  Twitter  @DuskH: @Dragoneer Crocidiles are cooler
<theresa>  Twitter  @Dragoneer: @Remy__Wolf Jelly!
<theresa>  Twitter  @Dragoneer: @DuskH But gators are cuter. Especially chubby ones.
<theresa>  Twitter  @Chakat_Deirdre: @Dragoneer can his name be gummy?

This kind of drivel is too terrible for our main channel, so if you wanna read this kind of thing, hit up #vivineer on Do you know of any particularly hilarious feeds that might be worth following? Come on in and yell dumb gay shit at us.

Other Topics / Furry Dating Site Roundup
« on: October 04, 2013, 03:51:00 pm »
I'll get this started off with the ur-furry-dating-site, Pounced!. It's basically the FA of furry dating - "everyone uses it", "it's free", and it's not actually very good. I've got an account, and I've made a few friends through it, but it's also technologically from the 90s and is probably riddled to shit with security holes. (Passwords have to be made up of /a-zA-Z0-9/)

The next competitor seems to be "FurryMate", but I can't imagine them as anything other than a scam: take a look at their blog. Every single post has 70 fucking tags, the whole thing is very heavily "search-engine optimized", ad-heavy, et cetera.

I've also run into OtherkinDating and Furries-Extreme but I don't yet have anything pithy to say about those yet.

Other Topics / Brief RF2013 notes
« on: October 01, 2013, 11:21:13 am »
I didn't go to Rainfurrest this year, so I don't have any firsthand experience, just reports from friends:

The fire alarms would go off for no obvious reason, and multiple times (because the hotel doesn't know how to reset the fire alarms, from what I heard)

"Adventurecru", a stinky bucket of shithead trustfund kids from Pittsburgh, gave a panel on con horror stories. (I'm not sure they included the part where they only know how to make airhorn noises during dances, because, again: not there)

A noticeable contingent of grown men in pink clothes and overalls, carrying pacifiers, were spread throughout the con, and I heard another thing about a room having to be cleared out because of the foul odor.

Con staff seemed stressed, mostly about money.

Any further reports?

Other Topics / A Eulogy for
« on: August 17, 2013, 12:31:38 pm »
I was fortunate enough to remember when it was just the /furi/ sub-board of Wtfux, run by a dude named cho0b. On its way to its current home, it passed through several hands, spending a brief stint being run by Arcturus, and then slowly making its way back to cho0b. What was once a good source of, at the very least, random furry porn, has now become a cesspit of questionable spambots and 4chan-reject retards screaming about My Little Pony. There was also some good ~drama~ going on there back in the day, but due to the ephemeral nature of this type of imageboard, it failed to leave any lasting impression.

Probably my favorite post of all time was when Insane Kangaroo called himself, and I quote,
Quote from: Insane Kangaroo
the Marry Poppins of IT

RIP, but I don't think you'll be missed.

Other Topics / People still use mailing lists.
« on: March 10, 2013, 03:03:39 pm »
Quote from: some community mailing list
well hello there if you case you guys forgot about who i am i, i am alan or alansoftbelly90 on FA and i  am trying to help out a friend who wants to move here to be close to his mate for a while because well my friend and his mate both come from an abusive homophobic religious furry hating families. His mate lives here and his mate lives in Virgina well i let this piece of info tell you,

"Hullo everyone. I'm a small bear who just recently escaped an abusive homophobic religious furry hating family. I'm staying with a friend until sometime in the summer and was wondering if by then if Id be able to stay with someone in or very close to Las Cruces so I can take care of my mate while he finishes high school. I'd keep to myself if I need to and hold my own until December where ill leave to somewhere else. I don't want to be a burden..but my mate really needs me there.and I also need.a place.temporarily until sometime in December...

This sort of story is weirdly common among furries. Some form of external persecution is causing them to have to bounce off of someone's couch for an unspecified amount of time. Now they want to move to a new place to get to their online ~mate~, and their friend says they need your help (so they can bounce off of your couch for an unspecified amount of time, break up with their ~mate~, find something external to be persecuted by, and… the cycle goes on.)

Site Updates / Massive influx of spam registrations
« on: November 18, 2012, 01:12:45 pm »
Vivisector is currently seeing about 5 accounts an hour get trapped in the spam-trap. I purge most of these registrations, because they're really fucking obviously spammy. If, by accident, I cleared your legitimate registration out, register again and accept the most insincere of my apologies. Thanks for flying VivCorp!

File under the "empty legal threats" bucket:
BabyFur.ME Admin
3:06 PM (3 minutes ago)

As per United States intellectual property and copyright law this is herein a request to remove protected content from the domain

This request is being sent and is intended for the private owner or legal representation of If this is not you, please disregard this message.

The administration staff and owner of BabyFur.ME are demanding that:

A) The BabyFur.ME logo be removed, immediately, from your server(s) and no longer displayed at:
B) You not allow, at any time, any distribution of content only accessible by registered members of BabyFur.ME. This would include, but is not limited to, re-posting of member's content feed items and media.
C) You not store on your servers any BabyFur.ME protected intellectual property.

We are also requesting that you do not allow links to BabyFur.ME, under any circumstances. Additionally we are requesting that you remove any existing links to BabyFur.ME.

This correspondence is being sent as a warning; If you fail to honor and/or maintain our demands/requests, we will proceed with legal action.

This message is intended only for the viewing by the addressed recipient and applicable legal representation of This is not a public statement and is considered private communication. This communication is not for public distribution except at the discretion of the BabyFur.ME Administration staff.

If you have questions and/or would like to confirm your compliance; you may respond directly to this email.



(seriously, have people not learned that this kind of thing just plain doesn't work?)

So, earlier this month, a thing happened that apparently kinda passed under the radar:
<Benchilla> Good Day Philadelphia, a... country music station and TMZ all want to talk to me
<Benchilla> TMZ is pretty trashy, but I should be alright if I tread carefully
<Benchilla> They want to interview me because of this
<Raconteur> ahahahahaha
<Benchilla> YEP
<lansiar> lol why would you put yourself out there for them to wreck you
<Benchilla> They filmed so much of me
<Benchilla> And that's what they went with
<Ez> wait
<Ez> that's you?
<Benchilla> Yes
<lansiar> nothing good could come of that shit
<Ez> do I want to see it?
<Benchilla> Maybe
<Benchilla> It's funny
<Ez> do you embarass yourself?
<lansiar> lol
<Benchilla> It's more or less that they edited it to be as embarassing as possible
<Benchilla> They did a whole interview with me beforehand
<Raconteur> Hahaha yeah
<lellow> Haha wow
<Benchilla> And all they used was me wiping my nose on my arm

The video in question is taken down already, but I'm sure you can find it with enough searching (why would you want to, though??)

Some choice quotes from people who aren't furries:

Unfortunately, Ben Purdom, 18, a cable television salesman from Philadelphia, was a joke contestant, doing a bad Lady Gaga song.

Burping his way into stardom as he struggles to get his name out, Ben is just plain a wreck. One of those: “My friend told me I’m a good singer so I thought I’d sit in line for 8 hours and make a fool of myself on national television” victims...

At least he had the sense not to bring furry into this at all. But still, what in fuck would possess you to do this, Ben?

For a short time this morning, FA was displaying some image in the "Administrator notice" panel.

Quote from: From lulz
The image was from user violet8. Checking their account, the account claimed to be an administrator account. Shortly after the cool old photo went away some new buttons popped up at the top next to the control panel labeled Administration and Debug. The Debug button output a bunch of info at the bottom of the page, and the Admin button asked for a password, which was just too tempting. Oh, also, all shouts had a Remove Shout button beneath them, which then also asked for admin username and password.

violet8 is no longer listed as an administrator, and just posted a journal acknowledging some sort of incident.

The user is now suspended (as is usual (and stupid)). The journal contents:

Quote from: violet8
Dear Journal, furaffinity is fairly well hardened, and has decent incident response when you display an image on the homepage for a second.

Of course, I'd argue with that. We'll see how badly they actually handle this incident.

Other Topics / People Search For The Damndest Things.
« on: August 26, 2011, 11:13:13 am »
So, we keep an eye on our referral logs, mostly to laugh at what kind of searches lead to us.

Some of them are amusing:
  • penis tutorial drawing furaffinity
  • 80's cartoons turned us into furries
  • tranny big blog
  • plush nipple porn
  • furry sock bondage
  • do fursonas usually wear clothes
  • What are the names of the two new servers Trogdor and Novastorm for Fur Affinity?

That last one is pretty great. "what are the names of these two named things?????"

But there's this entire class of people that find us by searching for "vivisector" or "vivisecotr". Why? Is "" too much to type into your history bar? Seriously, stop that.

Anyway, if any of the other admins wanna spew about the reflogs, that'd be great. Otherwise, whatever.

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