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Other Topics / Nerdception: Outcast Furries
« on: November 16, 2016, 03:57:23 am »
"Outcast Furries: This is a group for any and all furries who have felt rejected, ostracized, or just ignored by the rest of the furry community."

If you're over 25 and you show up at a con, you get the "What the hell are YOU doing here look". Hell, I was furry before it was a thing. As young as 5 or 6 most of my 'imaginary friends' were one sort of talking animal or another.

Scandal! / 3 arrested in SoCal triple homicide
« on: September 25, 2016, 09:02:55 pm »
Fullerton CA.  Cops were called by one of 2 young kids in a house (they're safe).  Found dead - 2 adult males and one female (mother, stepfather, and a friend of the family).  Neighbors reported gunshots.

3 were arrested a day later. Males age 25 and 21 and a 17 yo female.  All were charged with murder.  All were furries. 

Before the cops announced arrests, Twitter had a call out to find the missing teenager.  She had some relationship with the 25yo.  She is daughter of the deceased mom, who was a furry too. Mom and daughter went to meets together. 

Attention goes to the 25yo. He had numerous online accounts with some recent ranting about relationship trouble, a recent photo of a gun magazine, and a mention of psychiatric drugs. There was even a supposed screenshot being heavily shared of a Facebook chat where he admitted planning murder to someone else.  The 21yo seems to have military affiliation and the 17yo was rumored to be unstable.

EDIT - removing links. It's a horrible story not on the gossip level. Let regular reporters and the cops process it.

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