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First up: Long time stalker, first time poster. I expect a GTFO from everyone just on those grounds.

But hear me out first.

If you've ever spent time on that internet thing you've no doubt encountered the words SOPA and PIPA quite frequently. Scary shit, lemme tell ya. Makes the DMCA look like a slap on the wrist in comparison...but enough of dirty congressmen and their guilded pockets!

The SOPA and PIPA are designed to deal with copywrite infringement and its amazing ability to drain money from the original content holder, abeit in a totalitarian way of flat out ganking stuff without a proper reason required.

Name one site that features a buncha copywrite illiterate peoples who infringe on a daily basis almost as much as a Chinese sweatshop. You guessed it, the Furaffinity!

Now, if I were the owner of said site, I'd be a little bit more concerned than the average userbase...but I'm not Sean Piche, internet superhero!!/Dragoneer/status/159000249543835648

While other sites have at the very least placed a censer bar over their logo, my boy Sean here just shrugs the shit off like a true internet badass. But if someone like me or you or just about anyone with a large userbase that totally hosts original content without any infringement what so ever was in a position like'd at the very least put a head's up somewhere.

...but not Sean Piche, internet badass.

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