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Nazi Furs Fuck Off / Re: Califur Panels Cancelled Due to Threats
« on: May 18, 2017, 08:19:13 pm »
This was organized by "Thefurredreich" AKA Casey Hoerth and his "altfur" Discord group for nazifurs.

Nazi Furs Fuck Off / Re: RMFC really puts it's foot in it
« on: April 20, 2017, 04:54:42 pm »

Sounds like you don't swaddle your head in enough layers of foam and carpet, throw a few more on.

Load article, hit Esc key, voila no paywall.

Sad! Blowing fursuiters was a charming gesture.

Nazi Furs Fuck Off / Re: #altfurry.jpg
« on: March 29, 2017, 12:43:12 pm »

Christina Hoff Sommers on #altfurry

News Media / Re: Exit Stage Right: 2Gryphon Booted from Anthrocon
« on: March 16, 2017, 12:30:24 am »
2, Telephone, and the Furry Raiders are all Colorado furs. Maybe they can start their own con-without-sjw's-con.

Nazi Furs Fuck Off / Re: RMFC really puts it's foot in it
« on: February 12, 2017, 01:42:15 am »
Who are the FR nazi-furs on RMFC staff? One is Kody Wolf, Foxler's boyfriend, cameraperson for Foxler's Milo Yiannopoulos adventure. "I attended this event to hear a gentleman speak. Nothing more, nothing less"

News Media / Re: At least five furry pedos busted in PA
« on: February 10, 2017, 05:57:43 pm »
I hope this is more a case of "check ID, 23 year old stupid man" rather than "pedo ring" to heap more shit on the pile

News Media / Re: At least five furry pedos busted in PA
« on: February 02, 2017, 01:05:09 pm »
>that fursuit mentioned was a recent addition. I don't recall him ever having a suit through years of knowing him, despite him easily having the funds for one

Details get garbled, like overlapping time periods of things that didn't coincide. They might not be too concerned about accuracy if it seasons the stories and smooths the prosecution process.  I've heard of abuse cases where they make up fake stuff like 'mice with no tails' kept for felching, that urban legend.  Wouldn't be surprised if they were mistakenly hyping up the iconic 'furry' thing (dressing up in a fursuit) to further sensationalize an already disgusting story. 

Or (hate to get into morbid detail) what if there was a 'suit' and concealment by one person led to charges against another that don't pan out. (Like if Fenske is stone guilty, would he really post then quickly remove a journal of feigned surprise?)

Hope we hear more about the extent of the 'ring'.  5 people isn't huge but it's bad enough. It sounded like when they caught Knox in Virginia, and he inadvertently exposed a partner (Taylor), Taylor wasn't involved with the kid.  4 is worse than seen before with furs (right?) but maybe there will be a sliver of mitigation in the way that seems only just over the line to call it a 'ring'.  Hope they have found the extent of it. 

No one hates the idea of the parade itself. They hate that it takes hours of standing around in suit before it starts and that immediately afterward they do their best to force you to stand around for the fursuit photo.  Non participants hate that it disrupts the conspace and makes doing anything at the con impossible while its happening.

A cool part of the parade is how it loops around, so if you get in the front half, you can go twice and make it longer :)

These are problems that could fixed so that everyone could be happy, if only the people running the event werent morons.

you do it then dude
like labor doesn't come out of thin air. put up or shut up lol

And that's why other conventions stopped doing parades. MFF's parade tied up too much of the hotel and caused problems with people trying to get to the front desk. BLFC was restricted from having a parade by their venue because it would impede guest access to multiple parts of the casino/resort.

BLFC tried to spin it as "new and different!", avoiding the sadness of hitting max capacity at a venue walled in by miles of parking with no surrounding city or overflow hotels to expand to.  It's cool what happens when you have a good relationship with a city.

Everyone was disappointed at BLFC's lame 'fursuit fest.' It was the same as standing around and waiting for something to start, except without the cool parade part. It felt like being told to go play in your room. Nobody said the fursuit fest was their favorite thing and everyone preferred the parade.

Kage/AC would rather please the "City" and a tenth of one percent of the population of Allegheny County, at the cost of Anthrocon attendees having an unpleasant convention experience. This isn't "anti-parade" or "anti-creativity", it's acknowledging that the thing has become a logistical nightmare, and that the convention perpetrates this nightmare for no real reason other than it causes TV crews to show up and impresses a very small percentage of the population of Pittsburgh.

The con is wildly popular with furries and keeps growing. The media of Pittsburgh is all over it like a kid with a new puppy. I wonder what other events they have with that many watchers. Kage's 'logistical nightmare' came from three years of planning to coordinate lighting rental, electricity, permits, street closures, barricades, traffic control, and support from the city, who printed and distributed "Pittsburgh <3 Anthrocon signs" to 5000 watchers.  This is a rust belt place that still has sunday liquor laws, paying for freaky gay nerds to run around in what some places look down on as fetish wear.  They are treating it like a crowning achievement of their tourism industry, with $3+ million worth of fake fur in the parade alone. 

Apart from one or two jerks who earned dirty looks for bringing a confederate flag, it's pleasantly left almost completely up to participants for how they express themselves. If you prefer to chug warm beer in a hotel room, then by all means let everyone else have the fun.

It's just perplexing to see insatiable urges to whine about cool things. Even if you don't like the spectacle, that's a reason why your vacation with friends will still happen if core volunteers burn out.

Why design original characters or write stories. Just buy one of those halloween gorilla suits and drink with your cliquey friends.  Might as well take a senior citizen cruise.

You can do a con any weekend of the year some place in the world.  Any of them can host the same old shit of getting wasted in tupperware social spaces. But there's nothing wrong with having one that makes some effort to take pride of place in a city and culture, and show off some cool shit or even make it feel like a furry space for the weekend, even a bit of mutual effort to raise the bar with another one.

To be clear I don't care whether "normies" come or not, mingling is what grown ups do.  I'm talking about people who aspire to be creative and their friends/supporters.

In other words creativity = lame normie shit.  Con theme next year and every year: gay, alcoholic and tired

This is crazy talk from autistic troglodytes.

AC is fun beyond other cons because of the relationship with the city. The people in the airport or on transit on the way there want to know what's going on. The people in the bars and restaurants act like they're in on some amazing secret thing other cities don't have.  Outsiders who are part of actual local creative scenes, not just internet based fantasy ones, want to mingle the con with their own.  Like trying to get furries to come to clubs to treat them like rock stars or get them involved with indie filmmaking (something furries barely do compared to other fandoms).  People act like tourists in their own town, driving down to see furries just walking around.  And it's a cool city with character, with those bridges and old brick buildings, it's good to get out in it.

The parade is everything fursuiting is made for, that no other con has the balls or willpower to make real.  That's what makes Kage's PR focus extremely admirable when he's not whitewashing the freak out of furry.  It's so unimaginative to keep fursuiting inside hotel lobbies for a bunch of others doing the same thing... that's like having an awesome car that only sits in a parking structure for other car collectors to look at.  Or putting on a theater show behind the curtain so only the crew can see it.  Hotels are the lamest for atmosphere, especially with con dances that have 2/3 of the space full of empty chairs.  Reminds me of seeing an indie horror movie show in a haunted ass abandoned train station where it was filmed... the movie sucked but the surroundings made it a cool experience anyways.  If furries had budgets to live up to the imagination they claim, they should deck out con space to look like cyberpunk tree forts, instead of conference rooms by the airport.  I can't wait until furries get their shit together for organizing parade floats, like these Ozfurs did for their mardi gras.

Oh no, normies might come. What is this, 2nd grade recess where you tell other kids not to play on your jungle gym?

Other Topics / Nerdception: Outcast Furries
« on: November 16, 2016, 03:57:23 am »
"Outcast Furries: This is a group for any and all furries who have felt rejected, ostracized, or just ignored by the rest of the furry community."

If you're over 25 and you show up at a con, you get the "What the hell are YOU doing here look". Hell, I was furry before it was a thing. As young as 5 or 6 most of my 'imaginary friends' were one sort of talking animal or another.

Scandal! / Re: 2gryphon's Child porn production busted! (Not really.)
« on: November 10, 2016, 03:46:03 pm »
Why the 6 month delay in sharing?  Read the initial 2012 post and wasn't in disbelief... I'm aware of an incident of a home raid and subsequent surveillance including at a fur con. (No connection to this or to porn). 

Scandal! / Re: Anthrocon employs pedophile
« on: October 14, 2016, 03:33:36 am »
I directly suggested he should clean and brush.  He dismissed that because it was against the style of his sona. 

Now it's "Mongolian", WTF? OK that does appear to be an actual synthetic fur product. It's made of the same shit as other fake furs and gives no reason it would have any difference.

The only reason I can imagine it wouldn't help to clean is if it's made of something else, like actual lamb pelt, which that suit is not. 

It's hard to find any reference why that bizarre excuse would happen, but here's actual lamb pelt: "Mongolian fur is silky to the touch, with 3-inch to 5-inch-long fibers which have a curly appearance. The fur's natural color is off-white, but it is commonly dyed in brilliant colors or bleached to appear bright white. Care is required for maintaining the appearance of this type of fur, because it loses its curl and gets frizzy when wet"

Scandal! / Re: Anthrocon employs pedophile
« on: October 12, 2016, 09:44:41 pm »
You can see some nice closeups of the matted parts if you're in the right chats and in the mood

As soon as she went missing people were talking about a history of verbal abuse at her mom. Nobody who knew her was surprised when she was detained. Nice soft tap on the wrist incoming. It's a thing.

Scandal! / 3 arrested in SoCal triple homicide
« on: September 25, 2016, 09:02:55 pm »
Fullerton CA.  Cops were called by one of 2 young kids in a house (they're safe).  Found dead - 2 adult males and one female (mother, stepfather, and a friend of the family).  Neighbors reported gunshots.

3 were arrested a day later. Males age 25 and 21 and a 17 yo female.  All were charged with murder.  All were furries. 

Before the cops announced arrests, Twitter had a call out to find the missing teenager.  She had some relationship with the 25yo.  She is daughter of the deceased mom, who was a furry too. Mom and daughter went to meets together. 

Attention goes to the 25yo. He had numerous online accounts with some recent ranting about relationship trouble, a recent photo of a gun magazine, and a mention of psychiatric drugs. There was even a supposed screenshot being heavily shared of a Facebook chat where he admitted planning murder to someone else.  The 21yo seems to have military affiliation and the 17yo was rumored to be unstable.

EDIT - removing links. It's a horrible story not on the gossip level. Let regular reporters and the cops process it.

News Media / Re: China : 'Man beaten, detained for alleged dog raping'
« on: August 24, 2016, 11:16:21 pm »
They got mad cuz you're not supposed to play with your food like that

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