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Nazi Furs Fuck Off / Re: RMFC really puts it's foot in it
« on: May 12, 2017, 06:25:54 pm »
From third person sources, granted, apparently the Raiders are in turmoil over a fair number of them being outed in that Zoo telegram chat leak. They're turning on one another and Foxler is allegedly in a bunker with virtually no communications, barking impotent orders to generals over a map of the RMFC hotel.

Okay I made up the last bit, but he really did shout FEGELEIN for like 2 minutes.

News Media / Re: At least five furry pedos busted in PA
« on: March 27, 2017, 08:54:51 am »
I hope this is more a case of "check ID, 23 year old stupid man" rather than "pedo ring" to heap more shit on the pile

In the time it took you to type this, you could have skimmed and read '9 years old'. Heck clicking the links and reading the headlines would give you a similar impression. Parker apparently was raping the victim since age 2 or 3. Many of them pass for 18 in your neck of the woods?

So yeah, pedo pedos, a ring at least concerning this one victim and at least two of the three are furries. Thus furry pedo ring.

I mean, not like the fandom hasn't had this issue before, remember Frank Gembeck? He's good proof art subject means little. Blandest gay furry content around, busted for kiddie TORTURE porn distribution.

Now I'm bitching an awful lot about typical forumpost laziness, but it demonstrates a greater cultural kind of laziness I'm becoming more allergic to. We as a people think of Evil wrong.

By that, I mean we tend to view it as a mix of a little desperation with a lot of stupidity and it's clear from 'Florida Man' headlines to shirtless suspects on COPS. Heck, a very guilty pleasure of mine is 'Bait Car', but while it's great mindless fun, the guys caught are hardly master criminals, far not only from the Gone In Sixty Seconds ideal, but also decently removed from chopshoppers. We think of criminals as buffoons to mock and punish for audacity of stupidity apart from deed of crime.

A similar issue happens with child molesters. Do you really think Chris Hansen, even given all the time needed, would ever have Jeffrey Epstein sitting opposite him? Jared Fogle? Evil is beyond just stupid, in fact it's often anathema to it. From what I've seen, this particular kind of evil (and I have seen it before) doesn't make sloppy mistakes, but beyond that makes itself unquestionable. It keeps a well manicured lawn. It deflects judgement by passing it on you instead. It operates not by being a hermit, but by acting a superior to you. It often entertains, tries to impress and feels like the Joneses you'll never keep up with. These types of people are often political, and usually have a rapid-response 'other' they can shift focus and blames of all varieties to. For Fenske it was in part 'republicans' but I see this more often manifest in racism. Evil disguises itself because people so badly underestimate it, to the point where I wonder if this crime-media narrative isn't deceptive due to collusion.

I think that is exactly what we're dealing with when it comes to the Fenskes of the world, and we should not underestimate them or assume their operations are dumber or smaller in scale as default. That only benefits and shields evil. Don't give it that.

Update, also don't know how relevant it is, but I found Parker's LJ again, links to his disabled FA.

News Media / Re: Exit Stage Right: 2Gryphon Booted from Anthrocon
« on: March 27, 2017, 08:40:08 am »
2's ego may be hampering him here. I'd doubt attendance is as good as it once was with his very worn material. He may simply have been unwilling to surrender the largest halls for years and this is backlash.

Some mixed motives of his material being less welcomed are also possible. He went from the halfway blue collar common-sense-intellectual kind of shtick that worked well for Leary and Carlin in the Bush era to the modern one where those people have flipped sides. 2005's Alex Jones would swear Republicans are reptile people. Now he thinks anyone left of center is. In essence, depending on view that flips from 'crazy but on our side' to just crazy. I recall 2 being very similar, even predicting a martial law third Bush term in 2007ish.

He's on mixed ground now, white gay guydom isn't the core of lgbt it once was and the purported enemy isn't the same as the one you align against for reasons of being a 'free thinker'. His contrarian appeal only lasted until contrarians stopped being a unified mob of people who thought spelling Bush with a dollar sign was clever.

It must be hard as a SJW-paranoid whitebread heterophobe welfare recipient to readily find and connect to a large audience. Other cons will keep him on, but I think it's certainly a deathspiral for him, and even Kage isn't as close as he once was to him.

Nazi Furs Fuck Off / Re: RMFC really puts it's foot in it
« on: February 13, 2017, 02:17:34 pm »
Nazifurs in 2017, a lot less actually white than nazifurs in 2007, still a lot less snazzy dressed than the nazis of 1937. A Trump tweet here would end with "Sad!"

How 'serious' they are kind of strikes me as a moot point unless one starts becoming a prominent politician or one buys a camp compound complete with crematorium. The danger of National Socialists doesn't come from their ideology, but their persuasiveness to the general public. In that sense, most people who generally reject the skinheads shouting will not give a shit if the speaker suddenly becomes a mediocre fursuiter.

What is specific to Nazifurs is edgelord attitudes, as such, I can see exactly why the RMFC put out such a statement. It's kind of irrelevant how nice of a Nazi this Foxler guy is or what his group has/hasn't done with roomblocks.

Moreso it's just important the con doesn't for good or ill become about them, their notoriety. People coming to the con should do so for the con not to see/punch/heil a nazifur. You could ban them, but that gives them a lot of license to stir trouble, and the nature of such a group is few can be pinned for doing actual bad stuff, so many friends and associates can still come in and cause headaches. Cons run on a thread as is, the staff really doesn't need PR issues or saboteurs in their ranks. I don't even think it's cowardly to downplay them, it could be both pragmatic and a step towards long term strategy.

Am I wrong? How would you show you wouldn't be divided? Should that random trashcan get lit on fire?

News Media / Re: At least five furry pedos busted in PA
« on: February 04, 2017, 08:38:35 pm »
Details get garbled, like overlapping time periods of things that didn't coincide. They might not be too concerned about accuracy if it seasons the stories and smooths the prosecution process.  I've heard of abuse cases where they make up fake stuff like 'mice with no tails' kept for felching, that urban legend.  Wouldn't be surprised if they were mistakenly hyping up the iconic 'furry' thing (dressing up in a fursuit) to further sensationalize an already disgusting story.

No there seemed to be a suit in the screenshot posted before his FA went down. I assume that's it, just doesn't seem like something Fenske was into for a long time, then he got a crappy one. Also of note, a fursuit is a pretty good disguise if say multiple people wanted to parttake without getting IDed.

Also, some other random memories about Fenske. The Drudge Report said all 5 were Democratic Party volunteers. I recall Fenske was in '08, assumed this didn't change recently, but I doubt Rebel was. Could be wrong there. Drudge oversimplifies badly most times.

Also also, Fenske seemed to have an uncanny ability to contact Gideon the artist when few else could. He went to cons, which are the best place to get sketchbook pages from Gid, but I remember Ken talking like he was on a close basis with Gideon. This may have been partly delusional though as I can't remember any specific commissions he showed off done by Gid.

News Media / Re: At least five furry pedos busted in PA
« on: February 01, 2017, 11:45:04 pm »
I may know who the victim is, and as such there are some small bits of information I won't disclose about them, for sake of avoiding IDing them. Regardless the PA AG knows this info.

That said, Yes, Fenkse is Lupinefox.

Parker I believe is known as Rebelwolf, but not related to the guy with the confederate flag fursuit despite the similar name, he'd have to loose like 100lbs to fit into that.

I do not know the other 3.

Fenkse used to host furmeets at three locations around Quakertown/Landsdale, and in part help set up the PA New Years Furry Ball originally hosted in a Quakertown motel.

Originally they were in an 18th century house converted to an apartment complex, and frankly space was at a premium there. I met my second boyfriend at these parties. There were no kids, despite the fact there was drinking and people under 21 there. I don't recall much, think he moved around 2005 to the next place.

That was a rather nice condo in a little semi-gated community that didn't take kindly to the dorky twentysomething swarms and a personal conflict I have very little information on led to him not living there for long. Maybe 18 months.

He bought a farm after that. Like, serious acreage farm up in quakertown at that address with either 20 or 40 acres. It was another 18th or early 19th century building, huge inside, barn just across the way, pond. This was when the furmeets got big.

He made money with a little IT business doing work for websites that I assumed was back end stuff, but I never was well versed on it. He let slip he did work for porn sites, but that isn't that surprising considering they have IT needs too and a good chunk of all internet sites are porn. He was far more keen to show off his Second Life business of making cigarette props for avatars. Seemed stupid, but whatever.

Honestly I have no clue how he could afford the places he was at doing what he did.

His business was ran from upstairs in the place employing several people, and at least two were furs*. As a side project they made a site, or, defunct now that served as a basic RSVP for the meets, NYFB and eventually due to people and operational overlap the Delaware Furbowls.

He never struck me as a pedo or a pederast. I'm not saying this in defense of him, if the child recalls getting raped and the AG found enough evidence to arrest him, he's 99% likely guilty.

I say this with how blindsided I was. He could be a nitpicky asshole, micromanager a bit, but it was his house and I got no weirdo vibes like you get with 'that old furry' at meets or even Kage.

The last meet I remember attending was around Halloween 2008. After that the surple site stopped listing them, and I only heard foggy rumors that he was holding small get togethers, but nobody I knew seemed invited.

The man called Parker started coming to the meets with his girlfriend(wife?) who I can't recall much of around dunno, maybe mid 2006. He was a huge fat people-of-walmart redneck with an ugly truck and equally fat girl. According to another article...

He had already been abusing the victim for years by that point. Obviously not to my knowledge.

Like I said, the meets went quiet and Delaware became the happening spot, I did see Ken again around 2013... I'm not really sure. I was in the area revisiting my ex mentioned above. By that time Ken had seemingly completely dropped the IT business and employees to instead do a weird solar panel wholesaler kind of thing. He had demonstration models all over his yard, and it seemed like he was only slightly skilled at selling them. Knew the technology well, but salesmanship seemed lackluster. Last I saw him.

I'd go to the AG, but frankly what I said above is what I know, and little of it relates to the crime. Besides, I know they're questioning at least one person who honestly knows a lot more than me.

Additionally, Fenkse seems out on bail. Set at 750,000, he only had to post 10% I don't doubt he could afford. He made that post on FA then disabled his page, someone also disabled Rebel's page.

*One of those employees also disabled his page but I'm unsure how long ago that was done.

I can't recall much else, although he kinda scammed money out of furs for his car getting repainted, and that fursuit mentioned was a recent addition. I don't recall him ever having a suit through years of knowing him, despite him easily having the funds for one.

Scandal! / Re: Floebean throws the first punch in an internet fight
« on: September 23, 2014, 11:34:43 pm »
I don't know anyone who actual bothers to go through their 10,000 favorites just to delete the ones by artists they don't like anymore, or if they actually caught wind of that. Sometimes people blowing too much hot air can't hear someone else's.

I think animation does have this weird power where a whole lot of people screaming about it only makes it more popular. Isn't this pretty much just a scaled down version over what happened with the 'Welcome to Tumblr' video?

The photos never surfaced over this did they?

According to some guys on another forum, they couldn't enter Canada for hunting trips due to decades old DUIs and in one case, a marijuana charge from the 60s. Granted, these were older dudes wanting to come in with rifles, but Canada seems very strict about tourist entry... or just very anti-hippy. This kid stood no chance.

Vancouver? Wonder if he was going to see Lace.

Hippies dodging the draft are what soured Canadians to yanks jumping ship into their country, which is what this sounds like. Granted, it's just good policy to make sure someone coming in has the means to get back out of your country, but the kid's answers did him in.

Irony points time. Lots of states used to buy one-way trip plane tickets to Hawaii for the homeless to essentially make them someone else's problem. It was seen as a cheaper alternative than long term care. That, plus the high cost of real estate make Hawaii one of the most homeless-laden states. Hawaii tried to combat this in the last couple of years by buying plane tickets for them back.

Antisocial Networking / Re: HORRIBLE TRACERS
« on: April 11, 2014, 03:36:38 pm »
This would be better if FA staff actually used this hard-hammer approach on actual tracers, but if you TT a work, it takes months before they even bother to look into it, usually deleted by then.

Antisocial Networking / Re: Project Phoenix
« on: March 29, 2014, 09:15:00 pm »
Don't you have people to purposefully misgender and uncited sources to flag, sperglord?

Antisocial Networking / Re: Project Phoenix
« on: March 29, 2014, 08:40:47 am »
Quote from: anubiis_werewolf
if it is going to be under higher security, why is it posted out where all to see? Seems like a pretty amateur move to make to me.
Quote from: campersander
Publicity of code doesn’t have much bearing on security. When it does, it’s usually positive. Take Linux, for example.
Quote from: anubiis_werewolf
never heard of Linux, tbh.

I'm actually a little glad there's a single furry alive, as dumb as he may be, that doesn't think every IT solution is USE ALL THE LINUX!

Antisocial Networking / Re: Neer allows Allan to return to FA
« on: March 21, 2014, 11:17:31 pm »
The military gives you a medical exam upon leaving, mostly to cover their own ass under these circumstances. If you have no issues, the exit exam consists of the base doc asking if there was any problems, taking your blood pressure and sending you on your way.

Most people with even minor issues do use this as the basis for their VA disability claims. Not just like "I'm an amputee", but many lesser disabilities, usually between like 10% and 30%. I'm wondering if failing to mention something as widespread as Fibromyalgia during so would screw him, or if he claimed it and the VA denied it.

Antisocial Networking / Re: Art 4 Bug Fixes
« on: February 21, 2014, 10:53:33 pm »
Only part I found odd was how forced he was trying to make the coder/artist connection. I mean, it's only really true that both work off commission. You buy art for it's form. Code for it's function. You can't exactly get dirt cheap art from a room full of Indians somewhere.

News Media / Re: Yet another vehicular death
« on: February 17, 2014, 11:36:28 pm »
Maybe nothing happening was in the family's best interest. I really would not want to see his parents become another set of the weird "fandom parents" group that has been increasing in numbers recently.

A group that pretty much just contains zero people with dead sons. What, would you expect them to just come to cons to mope or something?

News Media / Re: Yet another vehicular death
« on: February 16, 2014, 10:43:51 pm »
Although I love ragging on Kage, I don't think 'your famous and didn't do enough about thing X I care about' is a valid complaint. Kage has frivolous and nebulous fund raisers than annoy you? Let's bitch that he didn't have another! AKA, the kinderegg argument.

Despite a general consensus that Lemonade/Tim was well loved in the Fandom and died while doing a rather noble job, here was no attempt made at getting anyone to do much of anything other than saying how upset they were online.

They could have raised money to research the cause and cure of car crashes? It's a tragedy, but I don't see as easy of a 'give money to' option here as say, the kid who took the circlerope portal to equestria.

"Tuskegee Airman"

"This red-tail will leave your tail red!"

Doggy-diddlers try for the spiritualism/oppressed minority angle more. They tend to be closer to the gay libertarian side, and what we've seen of furry pedos seems to come from the rightist libertarian/randroid side.

News Media / Re: Andrew W.K. Acknowledges Furries
« on: February 11, 2014, 09:49:18 am »
'Coming out' as furry seems like a weird way to do it, especially with commissioned art when he's a musician, and could just write a song about furry as easily.

I don't really register this as news because he's known for the theme song to a parody of an anime, and because you have other furry-inclinced musicians who are better known. Moby, the fox-say jerks, Snoop (insert fursona) and that scaly from NOFX.

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